Bug Out Survival Supplemental Kits (B.O.S.S.)

Putting together a kit for emergencies can often be considered “expensive”, especially if you are putting it together with the best components that you can afford with your own budget. Some may be in a position where they can afford to purchase it all at once, while others may put it together over time as […]

Could the GB2 Ultralight Bug Out Bag lose some weight?

Ultralight Bug Out

The Ultralight Bug Out Bag 2.0 is alive and doing well. It went over 100k views pretty quickly. If you remember, the original had somewhere close to 3 million views in the 2 years before the update was released. Over that two-year period, the number of debates I had in the comments section was of […]

Urban Supplemental Kit for Bug Out Bags

Urban Supplemental

Many have asked me what I would change to my personal Bug Out bag for an Urban environment. Considering that the majority of the population lives in an urban area, that stands to reason. The challenge for me is that I try to speak only from a position of experience, and I don’t personally live […]

Green Beret’s Ultralight Bug Out Bag 2.0

Ultralight Bug Out Bag 2.0

I had no idea when I created the original Ultralight Bug Out Bag video two years ago that anyone would ever actually see it. Back then I only had about 500 subscribers and that video wasn’t even meant to go on YouTube. Almost 3 million views and 150k subscribers later, it’s time to revisit this […]

GB2 Practical EDC Recommendations

Practical EDC

GB2 Practical EDC Recommendations We have reached the second half of what has been a rather eventful year. A global pandemic complete with government-mandated lockdowns, precautions, and non-essential business closings have crippled many small business owners and caused unemployment rates to skyrocket (although they do seem to be getting better as restrictions are lifted).  In […]

Ultralight Bugout Bag Setup

As most of you know I have done videos on my light-weight bugout bag recommendations on YouTube. In this blog, I will discuss exactly what is in my 18-pound bugout bag. In any sort of a bug-out scenario when your main goal is to put distance in between yourself and whatever the incident it is […]

Wound Closure Techniques

Wound Closure

Bottom line up front: If you are carrying suture kits in your med. kit, you’re kidding yourself. Read on to find out why I say this. We have to approach wounds in a way that gives priority to taking care of what is most dangerous first, followed by the things that are less dangerous or […]


Grayl Geopress

Many have requested that I weigh-in on the current global pandemic. I have been hesitant to do so because I prefer to stay “in my lane” and not pretend to specialize or be an authority on something that I am not. I also like to actually take time to observe, research, and understand before I […]

Wilderness Medical Kit

Wilderness Medical Kit If we think about the common causes of emergencies in the back country, we could put injuries very high on that list. It could be anything from a very serious injury requiring a Search and Rescue effort, to something as simple as a mechanical injury to the lower extremities (think foot, ankle, […]

Basic Survival Course Packing List

PATHFINDER BASIC COURSE (ADIRONDACKS) EQUIPMENT LIST The following items are REQUIRED and will be used for the completion of the Winter Survival Course. Each student MUST have their own equipment to complete the required deliverable tasks. The specific brands are recommendations and references. While you may substitute for other like items, it is your responsibility […]