Cold Weather Clothing: Your Primary Shelter

This four-layer clothing system allows me to wear as little or as much as I want depending on the environment, conditions, and my activity level, so that I can stay comfortably cool or comfortably warm no matter what Mother Nature throws at me.

Knife and Tool Selection

5-Tool Rule  These 5 tools enable you to either do or make the majority of what you need in the field. Knife (and Backup Knife) Chopper Saw Awl Hook Knife Here is a list of the tools featured in the video for your convenience: Wazoo Survival Gear Viking Whetstone Pendant  LT Wright GNS Scandi […]

Gear Discussion and Links: Florida Wetlands Hunter-Gatherer Course

Fire Kit (Belt) My fire kits always start with redundant open flame ignition sources. This is something I rely on for emergency “right now” fires that I am counting on to potentially save my life, so the “two is one, one is none” principle is appropriate for this. In conjunction with that, I always carry […]