If you have not received an order confirmation email for your order, or instructions on how to view your virtual training products, please check your spam email folder. All of these emails are auto-generated. 

If you purchased the Online Streaming Videos: 

To view previously purchased films, please log in to your account at the top of our homepage and you will be redirected to the “Your Training” page where you will see all of the films. Click on the one you purchased and would like to watch and you will see all of the chapters. Click on a chapter to start watching.

You may watch the films as many times as you’d like as streaming is unlimited. If you log in and are not redirected to “your training”, just click on “your training” at the top of the homepage. Having issues streaming? Try watching in a lower quality if you have slower internet. Also be sure you’re not having device, internet or browser issues before you contact us with technical support issues.  Please note that there are No downloads available for Online Streaming content. USB Drives are the best option for that. 

Please note that some manufacturers are short-staffed during the Covid shutdowns so tracking #’s may not be available at all times, and USPS is running slower than normal, so please be patient with us. If you would like a tracking # and did not receive one, please request one via email.