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February 9 - 12:00 pm

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Gray Bearded Green Beret - Joshua Enyart


Camp Chingachgook

1872 Pilot Knob Road, Kattskill Bay, NY 12844

Kattskill Bay, NY, US, 12844

The Winter Survival Course is an intense course in an extreme environment that will prepare students for longer-term wilderness living.

The intermediate course series is designed to prepare students for the advanced level classes and is focused on instructing participants to rely less on modern conveniences by implementing primitive survival technology that will better prepare them for longer-term wilderness living. Students will experience sleep, food, and water deprivation, trekking distances up to 10K, and will be expected to make a fire by friction from materials of the landscape to pass this course.

Our system recognizes the need for gear-reliance for people who have not yet fully developed the necessary skills and don’t yet have the experience to provide for their basic needs from nature. As skills and experience develop, the person can make an individual choice as to what gear they do and don’t need, and what they can use from nature to replace it. Gear-reliance is the safety net that is used while learning to become more self-reliant.

The Winter Survival Course is an intense course in an extreme environment. It is designed to take the skills and experience you have gained from the Basic Course and other Intermediate level courses, and apply them to a winter/mountain setting with heavy emphasis on adaptation of skills for winter conditions as well as learning new skills required in this type of extreme environment.

Class Outline:

Winter Fire Craft

– Clothing Choices for Winter

– Winter Shelter Craft

– Water Collection and Disinfection in a Cold Environment

– Winter Food Resources

– Winter Navigation

– Environmental Hazards in Cold Weather

– Winter Mobility Techniques

– Hikes of up to 10km (5+ miles) with all gear to collect natural materials off the landscape

– Navigations over potentially icy, frozen, uneven, and steep terrain with deep snow while carrying gear and resources

The Basic Course and at least one other Intermediate Level Course are required prior to attending the Winter Course.