Cantonment, FL | Hunter Gatherer | October 14th-17th, 2021

Lead Instructor: Joshua Enyart
Guest Instructor: Justin Cook

Dates: October 14th 8:00AM through October 17th 12:00PM

Location: 2020 Becks Lake Rd, Cantonment, FL 32533

Hunter Gatherer Course

The Primitive Hunter Gatherer course takes you back in time to live as our ancestors did in the past. Sustenance counted on the skills of the individuals and tribe at employing effective traps for fish and game, as well as the ability to produce deadly hunting implements like the bow and atlatl. Stone tools were also a very large part of our existence back then. To supplement the meat and fish, our ancestors were very skilled at identifying wild edibles. During this course, students will learn to construct and stay in primitive shelters from the landscape and create fire by friction to protect themselves from the elements. Primitive trapping passive fishing techniques will be learned and employed in an attempt to earn a meal for the day. In addition, local and seasonal wild edibles will be identified and used to supplement any harvest as applicable. Students will be introduced to basic flintknapping techniques to create valuable stone tools. Primitive weapons will be constructed from the landscape and you will be taught to use them effectively. Campfire Cooking Techniques will be taught and used for immediate meals, and students will also learn how to preserve the harvest for more long term sustainability.

  • Primitive Shelter Techniques
  • Friction Fire
  • Making Natural Cordage
  • Introduction to Trapping, Fishing, and Hunting
  • Foraging for Wild Edibles
  • Processing, Preserving, and Campfire Cooking
  • Introduction to Flintknapping Techniques
  • Making Useable Green Bows
  • Arrow Making Basics
  • Making Atlatls and Darts

Hunter/Gatherer Course Required Equipment List HERE

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  • Cantonment FL
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  • October 14, 2021 8:00 am - October 17, 2021 - 12:00 pm
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