Maine | Winter Skills Course | February 10th – 13th, 2022

Winter Skills Course (4-days/3-nights) February 10th – 13th, 2022

The Course

Embark on an unforgettable training adventure for 4 days/3 nights with Joshua Enyart and his team of experts. Come to the Northeastern where harsh winter conditions will challenge you beyond the introductory skills learned in previous courses. Led by Green Beret and Army Ranger Joshua Enyart, this nationally acclaimed instructor completed 11 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan (active duty & as a contractor) and was awarded several medals, including the Bronze Star. When Josh teaches you how to keep warm in sub-zero conditions, find dry kindling in snow-covered terrain, hike in snowshoes and make a lasting fire, you’ll increase your chances of survival.

Emergency and endurance skills for freezing temperatures will also increase your confidence as you venture through winter topography. You’ll rely on knowing how to find and disinfect water… even when streams and lakes are frozen and seemingly inaccessible. The basis of any winter survival is knowing the recommended clothing and gear. You will not only know what to buy, but you’ll also understand why some features are more important than others and how to find the best clothing and gear for grueling temperatures. In addition, you’ll discover how to navigate across ice and snow in the most efficient way possible and should you ever have an emergency, you’ll know the best ways to signal for help that could save your life. Don’t miss the adrenaline rush of beating the winter elements while you take your survival skills to the next level.

The Winter Skills Course is designed to teach you the essential skills necessary in a cold weather environment. This could be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. The skills taught are not necessarily limited to the Northeast, they can be applied to other cold weather locations as well. Many of the skills are transferrable to fair weather outings, as well. There is no substitute for actual experience, and cold weather “dirt time” is just as important, if not more so, than fair weather.

Cold weather does come with unique challenges when it comes to providing for your needs in the wilderness: Core Temperature Control, Hydration, Calorie Consumption, Rest, First Aid, Navigation, Signal, and Tools. You can expect to learn how to provide for those needs in that setting during this course.

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Students will learn:

  • Winter Gear Recommendation
  • Cold Weather Clothing Choices
  • Winter Tinder Resources
  • Fire Lays to Maximize Efficiency
  • Fire Craft
  • Building Effective Winter Shelters
  • Procuring and Disinfecting Water in the Cold
  • Food Processing and the Importance of Fat in Winter
  • Cold Weather Environmental Risks of Exposure
  • Regaining Mobility in Deep Snow
  • Navigating Across Ice and Snow-Covered Terrain
  • Emergency Signaling
  • Axe Selection, Safety, and Use
  • Saw Selection, Safety, and Use

***Please note that you should have completed a GB2 Wilderness Skills Course prior to taking this Winter Skills Course*** Otherwise you may be academically behind. 

This course is a “field course”. Students should expect to be immersed in a wilderness setting for the duration of the course. Restrooms are primitive and on-site. There is no electricity or running water. Vehicles will be parked in a student parking lot and are not accessible while taking the course. Students will sleep in shelters that they themselves construct and cannot leave the premises to stay at a hotel, sleep in their vehicle, or go to town for food.

Food and water will be provided by the instructors during this course while you are out in the field. Please do not bring any food or snacks. (If you are diabetic you may bring snacks)

The course uses a “crawl, walk, run” method of instruction. Students will first be taught by cadre, followed by the student being required to demonstrate proficiency on their own. This culminates in being able to then perform these skills under various stressors to ensure proficiency.

Students should expect cold, wet weather, and primitive field conditions. Cadre and staff will ensure safety at all times during the course. You should arrive in reasonable physical shape with the required equipment list. Expect to walk several kilometers per day carrying all your equipment in addition to natural resources that you collect that are needed for individual classes. For safety reasons, students must continue to train and apply themselves to remain in the course. If you do not quit on yourself, we will not quit on you. However, if a student chooses not to continue training, the student will be escorted back to their vehicles immediately and must depart the training venue. There can be no refund or credit given to take the course at a later date.


852 New Portland Road, Embden, ME 04958

Course Packing List can be found HERE

Winter Skills Course Preparation

All students must read, agree, and sign a Liability and Release form for GBGB and the venue prior to attending the course. No student will attend training without forms being on file.

Recommended Reading: Survival the Wild, By Joshua Enyart

Recommended Instructional Video: Winter Skills, Starring Joshua Enyart


There will be no camping available at the Maine Location prior to the start of the course or after the course has been completed due to insurance restrictions.

Students will not have access to vehicles for the duration of the course. There will not be access to electricity or running water. Shower facilities are not available. Students will be required to stay in temporary survival shelters that they construct for the nights during this course. Tents, hammock systems, and coolers with food are not authorized at the Maine Campus as all gear must be carried from the Student Parking area to the Base Camp, and students will not be returning to vehicles until completion of the course. Students will not be permitted to leave the campus and stay at a hotel or purchase food while attending the course. No exceptions are made unless you leave the course entirely.

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