Flint and Steel Critical Skills Group

Flint and Steel is an international collaborative network of independent instructors and schools working together to bring you the best, most local instruction available. Instructors, schools and partners of Flint & Steel are trusted and endorsed by the Gray Bearded Green Beret.

Here you will find skills training on a wide range of critical skills, including but not limited to: modern, primitive, urban, and tactical survival; bushcraft and wilderness living; emergency and disaster preparedness; holistic, wilderness, and tactical medicine; and tactical training including rifle and pistol marksmanship and tactics; long range marksmanship, sniper tactics, and field craft; dismounted patrolling, and small unit tactics.

Joshua is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret specializing in emergency and tactical survival, bushcraft, and preparedness, primarily in the Woodlands and Mountains of the Eastern United States. He is the Founder and Lead Instructor for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group, LLC and is an Instructor for the Pathfinder School, LLC, and is an Instructor for Prepper Advantage.  Joshua has also been a contributor to both ReadyMan and the American Protection Alliance, and has been a speaker at the Prepper World Summit.

He has completed several military schools including Ranger, SERE Level-C (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape), Special Forces Qualification Course (Weapons), Special Forces Sniper Course, and trained as a Combat Hunter (Tracker). Joshua completed a total of 11 Combat Tours in Iraq and in Afghanistan (as both Active Duty and as a Private Contractor) where he was awarded several medals including the Bronze Star. He has also been to the Jungle Operations Training Center in Panama (Central America) three times.

Joshua is a seasoned instructor that has completed both the Army Instructor Training Course and the Air Force Basic Instructor Course. He served as a senior Pre-Ranger Instructor for the 101st Airborne Division, Weapons and Tactics Instructor for the Air Force Special Operations Command, and a Sniper Trainer and Ground Warfare Instructor for the Marine Special Operations Command.

He is also an Emergency Medical Technician and a Junior in college majoring in Biology, working towards Physician’s Assistant School.

We are combat-tested veterans and certified survival instructors passionate about preparing you to survive emergency situations, creating more self-reliance and increasing your confidence and safety as you adventure. From combat in Fallujah, to the remote mountains of Afghanistan and the jungles of Costa Rica, we have trained for and actively survived in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. We understand how knowledge, honed skills and mindset will work together to determine your response and success in any emergency. Join our world-class wilderness and tactical survival training available in Jacksonville, Florida with former EOD Naval Special Warfare Joel Graves. With easy access for all of North Florida, Georgia and just 20 minutes from the Jacksonville International airport, our training location is a premiere setting. Located at Eat Your Yard Jax, a privately-owned urban farm with access to nearly 1000 acres of Florida’s hardwood forest, the site boast an edible nursery and modern conveniences such as running water, electricity and air-conditioned class room perfect for a break from those muggy summers.

Nicole’s passions range from living and teaching wilderness living skills (fire, water, shelter, trapping, foraging, etc.) to prepping/emergency preparedness to her deep knowledge of medicinal plants and herbal medicine. Nicole connected with nature at an early age and her first exposure to true wilderness living began while working as a field biologist in Botswana in the mid 90s. Following a job as a game warden with the US Peace Corps, she began tracking and researching lions in Southern Africa and immediately fell in love with the African landscapes and the San Bushmen’s way of life. Already having a Master’s degree in biology, she later completed her doctorate while working with the San Bushmen. After developing strong relationships within the tribe, Nicole learned many of the primitive skills and ways she practices and teaches today. At home in the Pacific Northwest, she makes her own herbal medicines from local plants as part of her healthy living strategy after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000. This diagnosis changed her lifestyle and eating habits, but didn’t deter her from becoming one of the founders and primary guides of her own tracking and wildlife safari company, Eco Tours International. Nicole thrives as a personal wellness and life coach helping people develop personalized holistic life plans, especially as related to autoimmune issues, and has her own herbal medicinal apothecary line. Nicole was a challenger on the second and fifth seasons of the History Channel’s TV series “Alone”, where she thrived in the wilderness totally solo with little more than her knife and her wits. She teaches workshops on her land in the Pacific NW, and also travels to teach skills across the globe

Phillip grew up a small town country boy in North Texas. He spent his childhood exploring the creeks and woodlands around his house. Phillip was a boyscout and spent much of his time camping and practicing outdoor skills.

During his teenage years he became increasingly interested in his Cherokee heritage after hearing stories from his mother and grandmother. It began with learning how the Cherokee made their bows and gradually moved into primitive trapping, and eventually primitive living skills in general.

Around the time he turned 24, he decided that he was ready to wander into the woods with nothing but a knife and see if he could last a week. After a horrible thunderstorm destroyed the sad little shelter that he had built hastily, he spent a long, cold night in misery. After that failed survival trip it became apparent that he lacked much in the survival world. From then on out he spent every spare second of his time learning everything he could about wilderness living and practicing each skill until it was second nature.

Upon mastering much that primitive survival has to offer, he then founded a small school to pass on those skills to others. Primitive Wilderness Survival was formed.

Phillip specializes in primitive shelters, friction fire, water procurement and purification (specifically without containers), primitive traps and snares, primitive cordage making, primitive archery and hunting, primitive fishing, fish traps, natural fish poisons, wild edible and medicinal plants, flintknapping, and stone age living skills in general.

He is the founder of the Traditional Cherokee Archery group and has spent countless hours studying the Cherokee’s living skills prior to European contact. He understands the importance of living with the land and not off the land.

Dave has been a craftsman and artist since childhood.  Bow making began as a young child and with his martial arts background, archery was always a big part of his life.  From the beginning, he enjoyed making and using many different primitive weapons.  He always felt a tight relationship with nature and everything it provides.  When he decided to hunt to provide food for his quickly growing family, he wanted to do it as spiritually respectful as possible.  Since he had been a woodworker and mechanically trained for many years, he decided to try his hand at bow making; now as an adult with the knowledge of wood and with nature at his disposal.  His first attempt was a success and he was hooked.  He felt an immediate connection with his roots and what he was meant to do.  He likes a challenge and learning as he goes where others have not.  He developed his high performance, efficient, powerful, innovative bamboo bows through years of trial and error and countless hours of experimentation.  Part of the challenge to himself was to build a lightweight bow (around 40lbs) that could do the job of a 60+ pound bow…and do it better.  He teaches a form of archery that if he had to label, would refer to it as natural archery.  It is very reminiscent of some of history’s greatest archers, hunters, and warriors.  Also, very similar to how our ancestors would have shot a bow and arrow.  This style is of more use to a hunter, zen practitioner, or combat soldier.  He helps his students reconnect to their natural abilities by living in the present moment.  

Dave builds hundreds of his bamboo bows every year in his humble shop in the sticks of Kentucky.  He also travels the country year round teaching bow building and instinctive archery workshops.  He was an active firefighter/EMT and volunteer firefighter for over 5 years.  When Dave is not building bows and teaching, he enjoys spending time homesteading with his wife, 5 young children, and animals.

Mark DeJong, Nationally-Registered Paramedic and founder of Off Grid Medic LLC, has over 23 years of experience in treating victims of trauma and sudden illness. Mark has a degree in Emergency Medical Services and is a certified Georgia Paramedic Instructor. As part of a military assignment, he spent two years providing remote medical care to the indigenous people of the Philippines, where his passions for medicine and primitive living fused together. He serves on the Advisory Council at the Appalachian Center for Wilderness Medicine, and has trained alongside elite members of the US Army and the US Marshals Service. Mark has served in several medical roles from field Paramedic, to Director of Emergency Medical Services for a rural system, to faculty at the Technical College System of Georgia. He considers himself a lifelong learner and, when not immersed in medical material, Mark continues to hone his Bushcraft and outdoor skills. An active example of living a true off-grid lifestyle, Mark can be seen traveling the country in his truck and cargo trailer conversion tiny home. His teaching style is very interactive and informal, and he frequently uses personal experiences and humor to reinforce his material.

SARCRAFT is an outdoor skills school based in Waleska, Georgia. We specialize in the areas of wilderness survival, bushcraft, and search & rescue training/consulting. Our partners are trained and certified at the highest levels of the search & rescue field, with several decades of experience between them effectively responding to the most challenging wilderness search operations. We believe this makes us uniquely qualified to instruct others in the life-safety skills which we ourselves have effectively used in the field. During the course of our careers in search operations, we realized that if most of our lost subjects had possessed a basic set of wilderness survival skills, the unforeseen circumstances they faced in the wild would have been just another part of their adventure instead of an emergency. It was this calling to educate and train outdoor enthusiasts in the skills they needed to prevail in the wild that led us to found SARCRAFT.

We offer courses in wilderness survival, bushcraft, navigation, and outdoor recreation for civilian outdoor enthusiasts, as well as a variety of training courses specifically for search & rescue, EMS, and law enforcement field personnel. In addition, we host preparatory courses for the National Association for Search & Rescue’s rigorous SARTECH I and II exams. At SARCRAFT, we seek to become the outdoor education industry standard in our areas of specialization, and in doing so, bestow the skills necessary to preserve life onto those who venture into the wild. We as a company aspire to excellence in all things – quality of instruction, innovation in content and teaching techniques, and providing a truly unique and memorable customer experience.

For more than 20 years, Rick has traveled through the back country through various means and has operated as an SPI instructor for the AMGA, carrying several wilderness medicine certs from WFA to WFR and has taught bushcraft and backcountry travel skills through his shop in Fayetteville, AR the Pack Rat. He is also the director of a bushcraft adventure race called the Brewha Bushwhack. When he’s not working he likes traditional bow hunting, fishing, mountaineering, canyoneering, and backpacking.We offer courses in wilderness survival, bushcraft, navigation, and outdoor recreation for civilian outdoor enthusiasts, as well as a variety of training courses specifically for search & rescue, EMS, and law enforcement field personnel. In addition, we host preparatory courses for the National Association for Search & Rescue’s rigorous SARTECH I and II exams.