GB2 Instructor Training Program

Become a GB2 Certified Instructor

The GB2 Instructor Training Program (Wilderness) is designed to teach the necessary wilderness
skills to develop a safe, credible, and successful school/business within the wilderness
survival/bushcraft industry. The course is meant to teach and develop you as an instructor and a
business owner running your own school/business. Some of the most highly proficient
candidates that successfully complete the ITP may be invited to apply for a position as an AI
(Assistant Instructor) for the Gray Bearded Green Beret LLC. Due to the limited number of
available positions, not all candidates that successfully complete the course will be invited to
apply for a paid position with GB2. The primary focus is to enable you in your own business as a
Wilderness Skills/Bushcraft/Survival Instructor.

Please note that the GB2 Instructor Training Program Bundle package is 100% non-refundable at
any time. You do not need to purchase the bundle package to be enrolled into the GB2 Instructor program, you may also purchase each course separately over time.  Regardless, please register at the bottom of this page whether or not you’re purchasing the bundle or individual courses. 

You can purchase the entire Instructor Program Bundle, or you can register for free and attend courses at your own pace (paid individually) as they are available. Regardless, please fill out the sign up form at the bottom of this page.

Instructor Candidate (31 Training Days)

Focus is on developing foundational core skills with an expectation of additional practice time on
all the skills covered in Core Skills Courses. Travel and/or lodging is not included in the
instructor training program bundle.

The focus of the Train the Trainer Course shifts to actual course curriculum and development,
principles of adult learning, principles of instruction, business, and marketing.

  • Wilderness Skills Course 
  • Bushcraft Skills Course 
  • Primitive Skills Course 
  • Winter Skills Course 
  • Wilderness Medicine (WFR or BWLS minimum) 
  • Master Navigator Course 
  • Train the Trainer Course

***Please note that Bushcraft, Primitive, Wilderness Medicine, Master Navigator and Train the
Trainer Events will not be listed until 2022. Developing the necessary skills to become a successful instructor is a long-term commitment. The course is self-paced and there is no time limit to complete***

Apprentice Instructor (31 Days OJT)

Focus is on course development and administration as well as interpersonal and teaching skills
with students and student/course management and safety. Apprentices will not pay tuition for
attending events for OJT (On-the-job-training) but will be responsible for travel, meals, and incidental expenses. Students in the Apprentice role will not be paid. Apprentices are expected to arrive prior to the course with the rest of the cadre to assist with and learn course setup and will be given opportunities to instruct certain blocks of instruction to actual students.

Final Instructor Eval (4 Days)

The Final Instructor Eval is the culminating exercise that must be successfully completed prior to receiving the GB2 Instructor Certification. Due to the decentralized and self-paced structure of the Instructor Training Program as a whole, each individual instructor candidate/apprentice will
complete the minimum requirements at different times, often over the course of more than a year. The Final Instructor Eval will be used to ensure that proficiency in all tasks has been
maintained over that duration prior to certification. This course is at the student’s expense for
tuition and travel and is included in the original package discount if applicable. All Instructor Candidate and Apprentice Instructor Modules must be completed prior to being invited to attend
the Final Instructor Eval.

This course outlines minimum requirements for successful completion of the Instructor Training Program. Instructor Candidates and Apprentices should also seek out additional elective training to further enhance their capabilities as a competent, proficient, and credible instructor. Seminars,
Workshops, Digital Training, and environment-specific courses are also highly recommended as
they become available.

How The Program Works

The entire package bundle can be purchased, or courses can also be taken on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Early Bird Specials typically run the first 30 days after a course is listed and are typically 15% off. GB2 Members enjoy a 20% off discount every day which is the best approach for receiving the same discount as the package without the upfront investment. Full GB2 Instructor Program package discounts are 100% nonrefundable. The Instructor Training Program is self-paced and has no time limit for completion of requirements. Students are responsible for and expected to maintain proficiency in all tasks from each course throughout completion.

This will be evaluated often during the Apprenticeship and during the Final Instructor Eval. Students that do not successfully complete any given portion of the course will be required to repeat that course until successful completion. This will be at the student’s expense when applicable unless it is determined by the cadre that it was no fault of their own and that they should be allowed to recycle into the next available opportunity. This may include, but not be limited to medical emergencies or circumstances outside the students control and is at the sole discretion of the cadre. Lack of proficiency, poor physical fitness resulting in an inability to complete the course, training refusals (not participating in any portion of the course), integrity violations (cheating), or voluntarily withdrawing (quitting) from a course will not be considered for recycle and may result in the removal of the student from the program (non-refundable).

Students that fail to show the required level of proficiency and successfully complete assigned tasks to the Instructor Level (High Standard) during the Final Instructor Evaluation will not receive their certification and will be required to repeat the Final Instructor Evaluation at a later date. Packing lists for the Individual courses may vary, but for the most part the same baseline gear for the student will be used for each of the Core Courses (generally each course in the progression actually reduces the amount of gear that must be brought).


There is no formal oversight or credentialing entity for teaching wilderness skills in the United States. While hundreds of new Instructors and Schools may start up in any given year, they will typically only become established and successful over time within the industry after proving themselves to the actual consumer base within the industry, essentially it is merit-based and based on a reputation built over time.


Students will receive a certification from the Gray Bearded Green Beret LLC that certifies that the individual has trained under Joshua Enyart to develop his/her baseline skillset and that they have completed an apprenticeship under him as well. The benefit of this is that it shows a potential consumer that the graduate has completed a formal program of study with an established Instructor and School and met that standard. It gives them some idea of the quality and style they can expect from the certified instructor.


Some portions of the ITP, like the Wilderness First Responder certification, do come with accredited certifications that are more universally recognized.

The GB2 ITP is designed to teach you how to be successful as an Instructor in your own business within the industry. Some, but not all, of the graduates may be invited to apply for a paid position within the GB2 system. This will be based on individual merit and the needs of the GB2 company at the time. Again, the primary focus is to set you up for success in your own business.

GB2 is not currently set up as an entity that Veterans can use VA benefits for.

GB2 is not currently associated with a college entity that would automatically recognize courses for their own degree programs.

The GB2 Instructor Training Program does cover a wide range of knowledge, skills, and resources. We take you from the more modern fully equipped “emergency survival” skillset, through the pioneer/bushcraft set of skills, all the way back to completely primitive Stone Age and long-term wilderness living skills. This is designed to familiarize the student with the full range of skills and establish a foundation and baseline for all of them. There is no such thing as experts. Every single skillset within that framework could be studied and developed for a lifetime.


During the ITP, students will be taught a foundational set of skills in each phase or module of their training. The expectation is to then take that new set of skills and develop them between course modules. Time must be spent in the dirt practicing and developing these skills before the skill can really be owned. Ownership of a skill should be the minimum standard you achieve before teaching that skill to others. Even after certification, successful instructors will be in constant pursuit of additional knowledge, skills, and experience.


Within the GB2 system, further study outside the confines of the individual course dates can be done by research and reading the book(s) written by Joshua Enyart and studying modules on the GB2 Distance Learning Center. Other authors and training may also help, of course, but the GB2 system and Instructors will be the one that matches the program specifically.


Instructor Apprentices will also be given opportunities to come out to live courses for On-the-Job-Training (OJT). The minimum is one OJT session per course, but you can coordinate with the cadre to attend more OJT opportunities than just the minimum. This will be based on space available, but we will make every effort to facilitate.


The physical courses, books, Distance Learning Center, and time spent practicing between modules are what will give you the most depth and experience and best set you up for success in this course and in this industry. 

There are actually very few actual programs that compare, if any. This program is not simply designed to provide you with training to a foundational level that anyone else could achieve simply by attending all the same courses. It is not meant to cycle masses through the system or be a “certificate mill”. You will develop your own individual skillset as an Instructor Candidate to a very high standard of proficiency.


From there, you will be further developed over time as an Instructor Apprentice, where you will learn how to teach what you know to others effectively, as well as learn the important aspects of running a successful business-like marketing, social media, insurance, taxes, etc. during the Train the Trainer module.


All the while, you will be studying and developing your skills using the supporting books and digital training and gaining valuable live experience during OJT.


The Final Instructor Eval ensures that we have developed you to the highest standard and that no skills have fallen off. You can be confident afterwards that you have met this high standard, earned the GB2 Instructor Certification, and are ready to safely and effectively teach students.

Our program is not designed to fill regular classes, nor is it to be a certificate mill. Students will study under GB2 directly and will be developed to a very high standard before being certified. This cannot be accomplished in 15, 30, 45, 60, or whatever other number of days a program may be. It’s not about the days, it’s about the experience gained. In short, you cannot mass produce real or valid instructors in an industry that requires experience.

This program is not designed to be taken all at once. By design, students must take the skillset learned in an individual module and continue to practice and develop it between modules if they expect to be successful in this course and this industry. That mindset and requirement starts from the very beginning.

What Does It Take?

Instructor Candidate (31 Training Days)

  • Wilderness Skills Course (4) Days 
  • Bushcraft Skills Course (4) Days 
  • Primitive Skills Course (4) Days 
  • Winter Skills Course (4) Days 
  • Wilderness Medicine (WFR or BWLS minimum) (7 Days)
  • Master Navigator Course (4) Days 
  • Train the Trainer Course (4) Days 

Apprentice Instructor (31 Days OJT)

  • OJT Wilderness Skills Course (4) Days
  • OJT Bushcraft Skills Course (4) Days
  • OJT Primitive Skills Course (4) Days
  • OJT Winter Skills Course (4) Days
  • OJT Wilderness Medicine Course (7 Days)
  • OJT Master Navigator Course (4) Days

Final Instructor Eval (4 Days)

GB2 Instructor Program Bundle

The GB2 Instructor Program Bundle consists of the following courses: 

  • Wilderness Skills Course | Retail $749.99
  • Bushcraft Skills Course | Retail $749.99
  • Primitive Skills Course | Retail $749.99
  • Winter Skills Course | Retail $749.99
  • Wilderness Medicine | Retail $849.99
  • Master Navigator Course | Retail $749.99
  • Train the Trainer Course | Retail $749.99
  • OJT Wilderness Skills Course
  • OJT Bushcraft Skills Course
  • OJT Primitive Skills Course
  • OJT Winter Skills Course
  • OJT Wilderness Medicine Course
  • OJT Master Navigator Course
  • Final Instructor Eval | Retail $749.99

Reg. $6099.92

SALES PRICE: $5600.00

You can purchase the entire Instructor Program Bundle, or you can register for free and attend courses at your own pace (paid individually) as they are available. Regardless, please fill out the sign up form at the bottom of this page.

GB2 Instructor Training Program Registration