Green Beret’s Layered 10 C’s of Survivability Kit with Gear Recommendations

In this document, I link to the items I use and recommend for your reference and convenience. Most of the links point either to Amazon or Self Reliance Outfitters — the two places I most often buy my gear. The Amazon links are affiliate links. Should you buy any of the gear I reference, I will receive a small commission. Also, as one of the lead instructors at the Pathfinder School, I have the ability to offer you 10% off of your purchase at On the last page before checkout, type PATHFINDER10GB in the “Giftcard or Discount Code” section. Should you use this code, I will receive a small commission that supports the channel. It is appreciated. The other links I have no affiliation with. All gear, affiliate linked or not, I have used in the field and tested and am comfortable endorsing and recommending.

-Joshua Enyart, The Gray Beaded Green Beret

0 Carrying

  • The Original Jon Pack Backpack (SRO)
  • BadgerClaw Leatherworks Possibles Pouch (Site)
  • BadgerClaw Leatherworks Water Bottle Carrier and Strap (Site)
  • BadgerClaw Leatherworks Canvas Strap (Site)
  • BadgerClaw Leatherworks Guide Belt (Site)
  • Oil Skin Haversack by the Pathfinder School (SRO)

1 Cutting Tools:

  • Mora Carbon Garberg with Leather Sheath (AMZN) (SRO)
  • Silky Gomboy 210 Folding Saw (Larger Teeth) (AMZN)
  • Silky Gomboy 210 Replacement Blade (Fine Teeth) (AMZN)
  • Review Outdoor Gear Leather Saw Sheath (AMZN)
  • Victorinox Trekker (AMZN) (SRO)

2 Combustion Devices:

  • Bic Lighter with ExoTac Firesleeve (AMZN)
  • Super Match (UCO Matches) (AMZN)
  • HD6 Ferro Rod (AMZN) (SRO)
  • Hudson Bay Brass Box (SRO)
  • Magnifying Lens 7x Power (SRO)
  • Fatwood (AMZN) (SRO)
  • Mini Inferno (SRO)
  • Multi-Fire Tool (SRO)

3 Cover Elements:

  • Tentsmiths Oil Skin Tarp 8’x8’ (Site)
  • Pathfinder 100% Queen Wool Blanket (SRO)
  • Warbonnet Outdoors Stash Jacket (Site)

4 Containers:

  • Pathfinder Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Nesting Cup with Lid (AMZN) (SRO)
  • Grayl GeoPress Filter System (AMZN) (SRO)

5 Cordage:

  • Paracord (AMZN) (SRO)
  • 36 Bank Line (AMZN) (SRO)

6 Cotton:

  • Sniper Veil (SRO)
  • Cotton Bandana (SRO)

7 Compass:

  • Suunto MC2 Global (AMZN) (SRO)

8 Candling Device:

  • Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp (AMZN) (SRO)

9 Cargo Tape:

  • Gorilla Brand 2” Roll (AMZN) (SRO)

10 Canvas Needle:

  • 14 Sail Needle (SRO)

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About Joshua Enyart

Joshua Enyart is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret specializing in emergency and tactical survival, bushcraft, and preparedness, primarily in the Woodlands and Mountains of the Eastern United States.

Joshua Enyart is the Founder and Lead Instructor for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group, LLC and is an Instructor for the Pathfinder School, LLC, and is an Instructor for Prepper Advantage.  Joshua has also been a contributor to both ReadyMan and the American Protection Alliance, and has been a speaker at the Prepper World Summit.

He has completed several military schools including Ranger, SERE Level-C (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape), Special Forces Qualification Course (Weapons), Special Forces Sniper Course, and trained as a Combat Hunter (Tracker).

Joshua completed a total of 11 Combat Tours in Iraq and in Afghanistan (as both Active Duty and as a Private Contractor) where he was awarded several medals including the Bronze Star. He has also been to the Jungle Operations Training Center in Panama (Central America) three times.

Joshua is a seasoned instructor that has completed both the Army Instructor Training Course and the Air Force Basic Instructor Course. He served as a senior Pre-Ranger Instructor for the 101st Airborne Division, Weapons and Tactics Instructor for the Air Force Special Operations Command, and a Sniper Trainer and Ground Warfare Instructor for the Marine Special Operations Command.

He is also an Emergency Medical Technician and a Junior in college majoring in Biology, working towards Physician’s Assistant School.

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