GB2 Instructor Cadre

Joshua Enyart

Owner, Founder and Lead Instructor

Joshua Enyart is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret turned Wilderness Skills Instructor. He teaches Wilderness Skills, Bushcraft, Preparedness, Wilderness Medical, and Tactical Skills across the United States to civilians, military, and law enforcement.

Joshua Enyart is the Founder and Lead Instructor for the Gray Bearded Green Beret LLC and Gray Beard Media.  He is also the author of Surviving the Wild, his debut book that focuses on foundational Wilderness Skills. He is featured in several films including Into the Woods, Wilderness Medical, Into the Ozarks, Green Berets No Nonsense Bug Out, and Into the Winter

He has completed several military schools including Ranger, SERE Level-C (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape), Special Forces Qualification Course (Weapons), Special Forces Sniper Course, and trained as a Combat Hunter (Tracker).

Joshua completed a total of 11 Combat Tours in Iraq and in Afghanistan (as both Active Duty and as a Private Contractor) where he was awarded several medals including the Bronze Star. He has also been to the Jungle Operations Training Center in Panama (Central America) three times.

Joshua is a seasoned instructor that has completed both the Army Instructor Training Course and the Air Force Basic Instructor Course. He served as a senior Pre-Ranger Instructor for the 101st Airborne Division, Weapons and Tactics Instructor for the Air Force Special Operations Command, and a Sniper Trainer and Ground Warfare Instructor for the Marine Special Operations Command.

Joshua Enyart

Alan Kay

Wilderness & Preparedness Skills Instructor

In 2015, Alan was able to survive for 56 days on Vancouver Island alone and unsupported and win the first season of “Alone” on the History Channel. For the past 18 years, Alan has taught survival, preparedness, and self-defense skills. Empowering others with the skills necessary for true self-reliance is his passion. 
Alan was born and raised in Georgia, where he spent the majority of his childhood in the forests making shelters with his beloved hatchet. His passion for the woods grew as the years passed, and by the time he was in his 20s, Alan had acquired the skills and mindset necessary to adapt and survive in any environment.
In an effort to increase his understanding of edible and medicinal plants, Alan sought out and studied under a number of knowledgeable elders, all of whom helped to round out his growing skill set. He also spent time developing proficiency in the combative arts, including barehanded, stick, and knife fighting. Alan is a seven year veteran of law enforcement and has also been trained in tactical medical care.

Kirsten Rechnitz

Lead Desert Skills Instructor

Kirsten Rechnitz holds B.A. degrees from Vanderbilt University in Political Science and Cognitive Anthropology, and has been studying wilderness living and outdoor survival for the last decade. Her expertise lies in the arid Southwest, where the environment can change substantially within a day’s trek; from high desert terrain and imposing slick-rock canyons to mountainous ridge tops with bounteous ponderosa pines, and the speckling of precious lakes, creeks and springs.

Kirsten worked as a Senior Instructor for the Boulder Outdoor Survival School where she instructed 7-, 14-, and 28-day survival expeditions. She draws her inspiration from the beauty of the elements and their powerful ways. In addition, she was a founding member of the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group collaborative project alongside Joshua Enyart (Gray Bearded Green Beret).

Kirsten has showcased her immense level of skill in a DVD Series entitled Survival HD which is available on the GB2 website and is highly recommended. Some excerpts from that film have been featured on the GB2 YouTube Channel.

Joel Graves

Wilderness Skills Instructor

Joel Graves brings an extremely extensive military and tactical background. Completing 355 missions as Naval Special Warfare EOD on Seal Team 2 & 4, which is arguably one of the most elite and highly trained bomb squads in the world. He has served tours in Iraq, Bahrain and Afghanistan, personally disarmed improvised explosive devices with minimal tools in some of the most austere environments in the world. He has provided secret service protection in multiple countries for President Bush, President Obama and VP Biden. Today, Joel leverages his tactical and combat experience to prepare civilians, military personnel and organizations for international and domestic threats. Training and consulting opportunities with Joel include: international traveler, SERE, active shooter preparedness, self defense and organizational security.

Joel’s bushcraft and survival skill set is as equally impressive. Following his retirement from special operations, Joel spent six months in a long-term survival program where he slept in the field for 5 months, living off the land and honing his craft.. Since a very young age, Joel has been hunting and fishing all over the country. He currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida and spends much of his time fishing on the coastal waters, gator hunting, building bows, and keeping his self reliance skills sharp. He also put up fierce competition in Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Build-off and truly has a great love for teaching people of all ages the skills they need to survive

Angelika Underwood

Lead Wilderness Medical Instructor

Angelika has been an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant in a rural ER in upstate NY for 15 years.

She has earned a Certificate of Added Quality in Emergency Medicine. She has been a member of the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) over 10 years and just completed her Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) through the WMS.

She also just completed a Masters in Disaster Medicine through the EMDM in Novara, Italy. She is a National registered EMT-B. She has a background as a part time paid and volunteer firefighter in PA and was a member of the technical rescue team. She was also a non- suppression fire instructor teaching rope rescue. She worked as an EMT in PA.

She was a staff member for The Extreme Team, a wilderness therapy with drug and alcohol addicted youth. In her free time, she has a hobby farm, has hiked three 14ers in Colorado, loves to travel internationally, spend time with her 2 boys, and is passionate about the outdoors. 

Jason Smith

Lead Primitive Skills Instructor

Jason is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret. He served alongside Joshua Enyart in the Ranger Regiment, and they were on the same ODA in Special Forces where Jason served as the Senior Special Forces Medical Sergeant. Jason retired from Active Duty after 21 years of service.

He is currently still serving, but in the civilian capacity, as a Survival Instructor at the Special Forces Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Course (SERE Level C) located in North Carolina. Jason teaches all aspects of survival and bushcraft from modern to primitive, but certainly specializes in and excels at primitive skills. Jason is also an accomplished blacksmith. He owns HoboForge, where he specializes in repurposing steel and giving it new life as a highly customized knife for his clients.

He is an avid outdoorsman and hunter, typically hunting with primitive weapons and tools that he made with his own hands. His skills were showcased recently as a participant on the first season of Alone: The Beast on the History Channel, where he was dropped into the wilderness with two other team members. They had to survive with nothing but the clothing on their backs and one large animal that needed to be processed, cooked, and preserved with tools made only from the landscape.

Phillip Liebel

Guest Hunter Gatherer Instructor

Phillip grew up a small-town country boy in North Texas. He spent his childhood exploring the creeks and woodlands around his house. Phillip was a boy scout and spent much of his time camping and practicing outdoor skills.

During his teenage years he became increasingly interested in his Cherokee heritage after hearing stories from his mother and grandmother. It began with learning how the Cherokee made their bows and gradually moved into primitive trapping, and eventually primitive living skills in general.

Around the time he turned 24, he decided that he was ready to wander into the woods with nothing but a knife and see if he could last a week. After a horrible thunderstorm destroyed the sad little shelter that he had built hastily, he spent a long, cold night in misery. After that failed survival trip it became apparent that he lacked much in the survival world. From then on out he spent every spare second of his time learning everything he could about wilderness living and practicing each skill until it was second nature.

Upon mastering much that primitive survival has to offer, he then founded a small school to pass on those skills to others. Primitive Wilderness Survival was formed.

Phillip specializes in primitive shelters, friction fire, water procurement and purification (specifically without containers), primitive traps and snares, primitive cordage making, primitive archery and hunting, primitive fishing, fish traps, natural fish poisons, wild edible and medicinal plants, flint-knapping, and stone age living skills in general.

He is the founder of the “Traditional Cherokee Archery” group and has spent countless hours studying the Cherokee’s living skills prior to European contact. He understands the importance of living with the land and not “off” the land.

Justin Cook

Guest Hunter Gatherer Instructor

Justin Cook is from the hills of North Alabama. He grew up on a farm and from childhood forward has always had a deep appreciation for wild things and places. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and exploring have always been his lifestyle.

As a young man he was fascinated by all aspects of Native American culture and began to pursue primitive archery and primitive technology to gain appreciation and insight into the life skills that our ancestors used to make a living in the wild.

At the University of Alabama, Justin earned a degree in Environmental Science and a degree in English Literature; but what he really pursued was the art of Flint-knapping. Justin spent a large portion of his free time at Moundville Archeology Park where he learned to replicate Stone Age tools and other objects. He has been commissioned by museums and universities throughout the country to replicate artifacts to be put in exhibits and displays. His hunting equipment is straight from the Stone Age and he regularly hunts and kills big and small game with river-cane arrows and stone arrowheads.