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Ultralight Bugout Bag Setup

As most of you know I have done videos on my light-weight bugout bag recommendations on YouTube. In this blog, I will discuss exactly what …

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Wound Closure

Wound Closure Techniques

Bottom line up front: If you are carrying suture kits in your med. kit, you’re kidding yourself. Read on to find out why I say …

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Grayl Geopress


Many have requested that I weigh-in on the current global pandemic. I have been hesitant to do so because I prefer to stay “in my …

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Wilderness Medical Kit

Wilderness Medical Kit If we think about the common causes of emergencies in the back country, we could put injuries very high on that list. …

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Online Streaming

Ultralight Bug Out Bag Packing List Ranger Beads: TITAN SurvivorCord: ExoTac fireSLEEVE: UCO Candles: Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Nesting Cup: Shemagh: Sawyer Mini Water …

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Green Beret’s Layered 10 C’s of Survivability Kit with Gear Recommendations

In this document, I link to the items I use and recommend for your reference and convenience. Most of the links point either to Amazon …

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Emergency Kit Packing List With Links

Here is the packing list with gear recommendations and links for your convenience. I hope that you will focus on the items and what they …

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Resources for Plant Identification As I mentioned in the Plant Walk video, and will mention in every video that discusses plant identification, you and you alone are 100% …

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Primitive Wilderness Survival

Forester’s Tent Bushcraft Camp Build Gear List Use the code PATHFINDER10GB for your purchases at Self Reliance Outfitters for 10% off your cart (some exclusions apply). Conveyance Frost River Isle Royale …

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Cold Weather Clothing: Your Primary Shelter

This four-layer clothing system allows me to wear as little or as much as I want depending on the environment, conditions, and my activity level, so that I can stay comfortably cool or comfortably warm no matter what Mother Nature throws at me.

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