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The only known BACK-UP of the GPS when it malfunctions is your ability to use a military protractor and military compass.  The RM Military Protractor is the only protractor with a printed formula and a diagram to align map grid north to match the compass magnetic north.  Protractors without the conversion formula will provide a reading that is off the exact grid coordinate position.  The GPS will not penetrate sandstorms, rainstorms, snowstorms, smoke, structures, forest canopies, and thick cloud cover.  GPS readings are distorted during thunderstorms, electronic interferences and when bombing support is very close on enemy positions.  It can be jammed and detected when near or behind enemy lines.  Moisture is a common malfunction of the GPS.


5″ X 5″
GTA 5-2-12 (2006)


  1. William Comeau (verified owner)

    An awesome addition to my RIR notebooks and maps.

  2. Jeffrey Gilpatric (verified owner)

    A good add on to the round protractor

  3. Phillip (verified owner)

  4. Will J. (verified owner)

  5. Chad (verified owner)

    Best protractors you can get! Plus, they come in round and square just in case you need to get your ninja-Nav on…around a corner.

  6. David Fedczuk (verified owner)

    It is what it is. I honestly only use these and my compass for classes, otherwise I don’t really care where I am, are going, or coming from.

  7. Richard (verified owner)

  8. Paul Perkins (verified owner)

    Happy with this so far. Seems to be a very good product. Thinner and more flexible than a Map Tools scale. I have not had a chance to use in the field yet.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. John Nunnally (verified owner)

  11. Martin F. (verified owner)

  12. John Losch (verified owner)

  13. Peter H. (verified owner)

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