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Vildmarksliv Bushcraft Course


Joshua Enyart

Main Skills Taught

Fire Craft, Shelter, Campfire Cooking, and more...

Event Dates

October 6-9, 2022


This bushcraft course will be Vildmarksliv, or “wilderness life”, a Scandinavian way of being in nature. It contains all the aspects the Scandinavian people consider essential to being more adept and at one with the wilderness.

As human beings we are meant to interact with each other and with nature for our mental and physical well-being.

Spending time with a community of like-minded folks in a wilderness setting while learning and practicing new skills fits the spirit of vildmarksliv perfectly.

In the rush and madness of the day-to-day, vildmarksliv is exactly what is missing from most of our lives. 

You will enjoy a sense of community as we “establish tribe” with campfire cooking and meals together…

all while learning and practicing new skills in the wilderness that make your Bushcraft experience more enjoyable, and in a more sustainable way.

These bushcraft course skills are essential to take a step further towards a truly wild life.

Students will learn:

  • Leave No Trace Fire Principles
  • Traditional Flint & Steel Fire Starting
  • Introduction to Friction Fire Techniques 
  • Basic Knots and Lashings
  • Making Natural Cordage
  • Hybrid Shelter Construction 
  • Sleeping Warm in the Wilderness
  • Procuring Clean Water
  • Campfire Cooking Techniques
  • Making Camp Implements and Tools
  • Useful Tree Identification
  • Introduction to Navigating with Natural Methods
  • Tool Safety, Use, and Maintenance

Required Equipment list for this Bushcraft Course can be found HERE.

Please ensure you have read our Course Cancellation Policy HERE.

Do I need gear for this bushcraft course?

Yes, please see the link right above for details.

Who will the primary instructor be for this course?

The primary instructor will be Joshua Enyart.

Is there a prerequisite for this bushcraft course?



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Vildmarksliv Bushcraft Course


This course is offered in:

Adirondack Park, New York 6-9 October 2022

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