Bushcraft Skills Bundle

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Mora Wood Carving Knife 106 (Laminated Carbon Steel)


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Mora Hook Knife 162 Double Edge Carver with Leather Sheath


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Mora Hook Knife 163 Double Edge Carver with Leather Sheath


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Bahco 21” Dry Wood Bow/Bucksaw Blade


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Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint and Steel Kit

Flint and Steel with C Striker

GB2 Charring and Storage Tin

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1.7# Wood-Craft Camp Carver, 16″ Curved Handle, Mask

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The Bushcraft Skills Bundle includes everything you need to add to your existing kit to meet the required gear list so that you will be ready for the GB2 Bushcraft Skills Course.

Bushcraft Skills within the GB2 system of training is the followup course to the foundational Wilderness Skills course. During the Bushcraft Course, students continue working towards their “progression by regression”, learning more and more about using natural resources to make useful items from the landscape to replace the need for certain “modern” gear. This involves harvesting, shaping, and crafting resources directly from the wilderness. This Bushcraft Tool Kit will enable you to saw, shape, carve, and craft with the best of them.

Even if you are not coming to the course any time soon, this is a great Bushcraft gear “bump” to take your kit to the next level and start learning more Bushcraft skills. If you already have it in your kit, no need to check the box. Your bundle will come custom with only what you need to plus up your personal Bushcraft gear!


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