Cache Cap with GBGB Patch

Cache Cap w/ GBGB Patch, Ferro rod, Ceramic Razor

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Wazoo Cache Cap with GBGB Patch, ferro rod, and ceramic razor.


On your head, The Cache Cap™ looks like your everyday hat. What you don’t see, is that on the inside this cap has 6, count ’em, SIX HIDDEN POCKETS. The 6 pockets include 3 in the main crows of the hat, 1 hook and loop closure located in the middle of the bill, and 2 side narrow slot pockets also on the bill. These allow you to store a multitude of items in your cap. Of course, we suggest emergency items and have designed it to accommodate tools from both of our Cache Kits™.


  • Patented Design
  • Lightweight Ripstop Material
  • Front Loop Patch Area with Edgeless Embroidery
  • Low-Profile Crown
  • No-Snag, Hook & Loop Adjustability
  • Buttonless Top for Comfort
  • Breathable but Non-Transparent Pocket Mesh
  • Quick Access / Overlap Closure Pocket
  • Keep-Your-Cool Cotton Sweatband
  • Black Zirconia Ceramic
  • Chisel grind
  • Exposed edge for striking ferro rod while folded
  • Ferro Rod: 6.5mm x 38mm with 2.7mm hole
  • GBGB Velcro Patch



*The only items that are included are the Cap, Patch, ferro rod and ceramic razor.

2 reviews for Cache Cap w/ GBGB Patch, Ferro rod, Ceramic Razor

  1. logan Geary (verified owner)

    Just got mine today! I’m a bald dude, so I’ve been in the market for a good everyday hat. I’ve also been into finding a way to implement my EDC items. This combines the two perfectly.

    First off, the hat is solid. It’s very well made. I ordered some patches to put on mine since there’s a delay, which is fine honestly. I have a huge head and this fits it just fine.

    As for the pockets, there’s 3 on the bill of the hat and 3 on the inside. The ones on the middle are for 1 thin small item on either side with a Velcro pouch in the center. The 3 on the inside are hidden behind a flap, but your head will do most of the securing. the items I’ve tried out has ranged from keys, lock picks, matches, alcohol pads, even a usb flashdrive, and all can fit somewhere very nicely. The ferro nub you get is 100% worth keeping on you. It works well. I’d imagine, if anything, you could use it for the shavings. I had no problem getting a spark though. The little razor is something I was actually looking for after purchasing the course on escape evasion that you can purchase on the site. A lot of the tiny everyday carry items suggested from that download you can fit in this hat. Probably worth buying both!

    Overall, you get what you pay for. This is a great all around hat that has a purpose. I highly recommend. 10/10!

  2. Alan M. (verified owner)

    Love my hat. The pockets are already loaded and it is my go to hat when I head out the door.

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