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Firearmed® Volume 1

This film is an introduction to the groundbreaking Fit to Fight® FIREARMED® training program. Designed for the complete novice, the shooter, and the fighter, FIREARMED® is a skills and drills based program, for anyone looking to enhance their fighting acumen, in a firearms based environment.

Product Benefits

• Learn to fight, with a gun
• Access and retain your weapon
• Enhance defense of family skills
• Understand the use of force laws
• Enhance decision making under stress
• Improve shooting skills
• Develop your draw from concealment under stress
• Learn life-saving trauma care techniques
• Establish your post-conflict strategy
• Progress your skills with unique training drills

This film details all of the fundamental skills required to learn to fight, when armed, while also demonstrating real-life scenarios and drills crucial to attribute development.

Product Features
  • Lessons for all skill levels
  • A detailed breakdown of techniques
  • Practice from the comfort of your own home
  • Solo drills for skill enhancement
  • Scenarios for applicability
  • The estimated length is approx. 2 hours

I thought this was an outstanding series… It gave me a lot of content to consider.

– David R, 65, Communications Director and Firearms Instructor

One of the most helpful and eye-opening courses I’ve had the privilege to attend. Regardless of your self-defense experience or views on guns, the knowledge and drills of the FIREARMED® program will equip you to be better prepared to confront an active violent situation with confidence and appropriate action.

– Joe M, 26, Bank Recruiter

As someone who travels alone often for work, I was excited about everything FIREARMED® had to offer. If you’re a master on the range, or if you have minimal knowledge of firearms or self-defense, check it out!! The program was extremely thorough and informative, it gave me the confidence to feel that I could defend myself well if the need ever arises.
– Kelsey C, 24, Sign Language Interpreter

Absolutely life-changing! Completely changed my way of thinking with gun defense. There’s not a better program out there that’s realistic and comprehensive in learning how to fight to get to your gun, close proximity draws, and legalities of using a firearm.

– Cortenay M, 42, Mom and Real Estate Agent

I was thoroughly impressed by the way Amber and Ryan relayed such practical information about using firearms in self-defense situations. This course is a practical, challenging, and fun way to expand your knowledge; whatever your level of experience, I highly recommend this course for anyone considering owning or using a firearm, or for those who wish to learn how to defend themselves and others from them.

– Jami Hebert, 21, University Student & Nanny

This class teaches all of the things that a typical CCW class omits. FIREARMED® focuses on every aspect of proper defensive firearm use from fight avoidance, to gun retention, to defensive carry/draw/shooting techniques along with numerous drills. For me, the trauma care was invaluable. I highly recommend this class for every firearm owner.

– Austin W, 43, Civil Engineer

Produced by The Survival Summit

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2 reviews for Firearmed

  1. Edward (verified owner)

    Straight talk about skills training. The instructors know their craft.

  2. James (verified owner)

    Not awful but not worth the money; lots of platitudes, 80% of the content won’t be new for anyone who has attended a decent CCW class or any more advanced training. The worthwhile content (the drills) can be summed up in the single, 6-9 min video at the very end of the course.

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