Fishing and Hunting Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

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Fishing and Hunting Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

The Fishing and Hunting BOSS is a comprehensive food gathering kit that blows the currently available kits out of the water.

Around 10 oz, and small enough to fit in a cargo pocket, this 127 piece fishing and hunting kit will not just help you to survive, but to thrive! Assembled in the USA.

Check out the other BOSS Kits and Tip & Tricks from GB2 to put together a complete and affordable Bug Out or Survival Kit for yourself!


  • 1 Yo-yo automatic fishing reel
  • 100 yds. 8-lb test line
  • 20 ft 50-lb test line
  • 2-1.5” foam floats
  • 25 reusable lead weights
  • 30 premium baitholder hooks
  • 4 jig heads
  • 20 swivels
  • 1 6’ nylon stringer
  • 5 artificial grubs
  • 5 artificial waxworms
  • 5 salmon eggs
  • 1 folding multi-tool
  • 1 slingshot band
  • 6 3/8 slingshot ammo
  • 4 4” zip ties
  • 20 ft snare wire
  • 6 screw eyes
  • 2 L-screws
  • 5 safety pins
  • 1 razor blade
  • 15′ #18 Bank line
  • 1 waterproof survival instruction sheet


  • Size: 8x5x3 inches
  • Weight: 0.61 lbs.

Is the Fishing and Hunting BOSS heavy?

No. It weighs only 0.61 lbs.

Do you have other BOSS kits?

Yes! Shelter, Fire, Nav, Signal, Water, First Aid, Trauma and Mobility. Click the store search icon and search for BOSS to see them all.

Is using these items legal?

Please check your local regulations and laws. Every jurisdiction is different.

10 reviews for Fishing and Hunting Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

  1. Cliff (verified owner)

    Another good item.

  2. marty (verified owner)

    Nice to have this all bundled up and ready to go

  3. Tommy E. (verified owner)

    I have not had a chance to field test this yet, but it looks like a pretty solid kit.

  4. Von Medearis (verified owner)

  5. Kevin Gleason (verified owner)

    Just what I needed for my supplemental kit.

  6. Lewis Eckhardt (verified owner)

    Another well thought out kit. A variety of items to aid in food gathering, both fishing and trapping.

  7. Jacob Treichel (verified owner)

  8. Anthony James (verified owner)

    Handy kit, I look forward to trying out the auto reel.

  9. Ronald Brown (verified owner)

    I keep this in a spare kit in my truck with other essentials for emergency situations.

  10. Frank Thompson (verified owner)

    Great products

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