Flint and Steel with C Striker

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Flint and Steel with “C” Striker

Flint and steel is a traditional fire-making technique dating back to the Iron Age when steel was first available for this simple and quite effective way to ignite fire. It was frequently used until more recent years, when matches were invented, making the flint and steel method all but obsolete.

However, there are many reasons why flint and steel should still be considered an important and reliable means of fire ignition by all outdoors enthusiasts.

The steel striker is much more durable than the more popular ferrocerium rod, which has limited strikes before it eventually wears out. Steel strikers from throughout history are still useable and functional today. In addition, understanding how to use this traditional method of fire starting allows one to replicate the striker using steel material that can, unfortunately, often be found all over.

Flint and Steel fire making requires the use of specialty tinder resources to accept the “cool spark”. Most commonly, char cloth and charred natural material are used to easily light a fire with this technique. With some experience, one can learn other natural resources such as certain fungi and select plant parts to accept the spark.

This kit comes with a nice sized flint to throw great sparks from the C-shaped striker. The striker is not hand forged but it is guaranteed to throw good sparks when paired with proper technique.

Add a Charring and Storage Tin to make a more complete kit, or upgrade to the Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint and Steel Kit for a really nice kit!

made in the USA

Is flint & steel the same as a ferro rod?

No, while they both create sparks by rapid oxidation of pyrophoric metal, the flint & steel produces an 800 degree F spark while the ferro rod produces a 5500 degree F spark.

Does a flint & steel kit work the same as a ferrocerium rod?

Not exactly. Flint & Steel kits use the harder piece of flint to remove pyrophoric metal from the steel, whereas with a ferrocerium rod you are using a steel striker to remove pyrophoric metal from the rod.

Do you need specialty tinder to use with flint & steel kits?

Yes, typically you will use charcloth like cotton, linen, or denim, but there are a number of fungi an uncharted natural tinder that does work with flint & steel.

4 reviews for Flint and Steel with C Striker

  1. Alric Wilson (verified owner)

  2. Steven Wood (verified owner)

    Love this thing, works great!

  3. Christopher U. (verified owner)

  4. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Large piece flint with sharp edges. Strikes is large. Kinda big for my small hands but probably great for bigger man hands.

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