GB2 Buck Saw

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Handmade in the USA

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GB2 Buck Saw, Take-Down

The GB2 Take Down Buck Saw is handmade in the USA using hard maple wood with a green finish.

The blade is a 24″ dry wood blade from Bahco, the screws are a brass Chicago screw, and comes with a crimson red 550 cord for the windless toggle system.

A mortise and tenon joint connects the center brace to the handles and the saw is held together by the windless, and is made to be taken down easily. This is one of Joshua’s favorite saws.

Putting your GB2 Buck Saw together and storing it:

(Be sure not to untie the knot on the paracord that is attached to the windless when you first take apart the saw to put it together)

GB2 Made in the USA

What is the frame made of?

The frame is handmade in the USA from Maple with a green finish.

Is this a pull cut, push cut or both?

This bucksaw comes with a dry blade that is both. You can install any aftermarket 24 inch bucksaw blade designed for green or dry wood to fit your needs.

Why a takedown bucksaw?

The ability to easily disassemble and assemble the GB2 Bucksaw makes packing and transport very convenient and protects the saw from damage while bushwhacking.

12 reviews for GB2 Buck Saw

  1. Jeffrey Gilpatric (verified owner)

    What a terrific saw, assembly fast and easy.

  2. Mark Lacy (verified owner)


  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great saw! Very well made. Cuts through wood like butter.

  4. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Great construction, have used 3 weekends in a row now during our rafting trips.

  5. Will J. (verified owner)

    Love how the finish creates a vintage and traditional feel. Smooth and sturdy design with great craftmanship throughout. The portability is my favorite feature. I almost want to protect and baby this thing, but it would be a crying shame not to use it! So I shall…and just enjoy it.

  6. Dennis H. (verified owner)

  7. Robert Gray (verified owner)

  8. Todd O. (verified owner)

  9. Douglas (verified owner)

    Breaks down nicely. Sets up quickly. Cuts like crazy. This is a solid saw.

  10. John H. (verified owner)

    It got delivered quickly,as usual.

  11. Robert Fulcher (verified owner)

  12. Dustin (verified owner)

    This is the highest quality buck saw I have found for sale anywhere. I have bought a handful of buck saw online and returned most of them. This one is the highest construction I have found. Nicely done GB2!

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