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This DVD bundle has every GB2 film we currently offer, at a discount.



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This DVD bundle has every GB2 film we currently offer, at a discount.

This bundle was updated on 4/6/21 to add the new Bug Out film.

What you get in this bundle:

1. Into the Winter: Cold Weather Skills, Starring the Gray Bearded Green Beret | Film Runtime: 2 Hours, 55 Minutes Released April 5th, 2021

2. Green Beret’s No-Nonsense Bug Out, Starring the Gray Bearded Green Beret | Film Runtime: 4 Hours and 30 Minutes (270 Minutes) Released Oct. 7th, 2020 4K

3. Into the Ozarks, Starring the Gray Bearded Green Beret | Runtime: 128 Minutes | 4K (USB/Streaming)

4. Wilderness Medical, Starring the Gray Bearded Green Beret | Runtime: 283 Minutes 

5. Into the Woods, Starring The Gray Bearded Green Beret | Runtime: 174 Minutes


Into the Winter: Cold Weather Skills

Follow Joshua Enyart, aka the Gray Bearded Green Beret, as he takes you into the winter to learn cold weather survival, bushcraft, and wilderness skills. This film is set in the frigid temperatures of Maine in the northeastern United States, but the knowledge, skills, and resources are by no means limited to that area. You will find that they are applicable in most peoples “neck of the woods” during the cold weather. Let’s face it, we all have Winter and cold weather, but we don’t all have winter and cold weather skills.

This film seeks to fill that void and get you and your family outside and enjoying yourselves for a season that is completely underrated. No crowds, no bugs, beautiful scenery, crisp landscapes, and fresh air. Into the Winter closely follows the curriculum for Joshua’s Winter Skills Course and is an excellent resource for anyone who has not yet made it to that challenging but extremely rewarding experience.

Film features

  • Cold Weather Clothing Choices
  • Winter Gear Recommendations
  • Useful, Edible, and Medicinal Trees and Fungi
  • Axe and Saw Skills: Felling, Limbing, Topping, Bucking, and Splitting
  • The Mors Kochanski “Super Shelter” and Variants
  • The Long Fire with Passive Water Generation and Smoking Jerky
  • Best Foods for the Winter and How to Prepare Them
  • Accessing Water in Cold Environments
  • Snowshoes and Traction Devices to Increase Mobility
  • How to Signal for Rescue in an Emergency

Green Beret’s No-Nonsense Bug Out

Joshua Enyart is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret turned Survival, Bushcraft, and Preparedness Instructor. He has taken his military training and experience and blended it with his experience in Wilderness Skills to develop a No-Nonsense system of Preparedness for himself and his family.

That system is being made available to you through this series so that you can take advantage of that experience for your own preparedness. This first film covers how to develop realistic plans including when to “bug in” vs. “bug out”, how to identify needs, and how to equip yourself with resources to provide for those needs like fire, shelter, water, food, and first aid.
You will also learn what resources you should include if you live in an urban environment or cold weather environment as well.

Into the Ozarks

Into the Ozarks is a film starring Joshua Enyart, a.k.a., the Gray Bearded Green Beret, and is the 2nd film in the “Into the…” Series. This film explores the beautiful resources of the Ozarks in the south, just a stone’s throw to the mid-western states.

Come take a walk with Joshua and enjoy the great outdoors while learning bushcraft skills. Joshua is a former Ranger and Green Beret turned survival instructor. Joshua is also a top instructor for Dave Canterbury at the Pathfinder school with decades of experience.

Wilderness Medical 

Wilderness Medical stars Joshua Enyart, aka Gray Bearded Green Beret.  Joshua takes you into the woods to give you the knowledge to handle the most common injuries in the backcountry using dedicated medical gear as well as improvised techniques in order to get back to civilization. From tried and true methods to improvised methods, this film is packed with an insane amount of medical information. Each chapter is packed with techniques, knowledge, and demonstrations from improvised to TCCC certified methods. (This film Added April 7th, 2020, 8:15 am)

Into the Woods: A Wilderness Survival Film

This is a Wilderness Survival film starring Joshua Enyart, aka, The Gray Bearded Green Beret. Joshua takes you “Into the Woods”, and turns you into his personal student.

5 reviews for GB2 DVD Bundle

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    These are some great training videos, I have learned a lot from them.

  2. Jonathan (verified owner)

    All GB2 products are outstanding. The video instruction is perfectly paced, the content is very practical, and the concepts you learn are all immediately actionable. Josh is one of the very best survival instructors out there. By practicing the skills his videos teach I have a better time on my trips to the woods!

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    I love the training gives me a since of the Army without the bs. Would like to see some more that was more tactically based.

  4. S Leigh (verified owner)

    Still reviewing the DVDs, but like the info so far

  5. Matt (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the set. So much good content with very simple and practical instruction.

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