GB2 Opossum Perch


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GB2 Opossum Perch, Army Green

Your camp is set, the fire is going, now it is time to sit for a little while and have some coffee.  A decent seat at camp can be hard to carry with you and who wants to sit on a rock if it can be avoided?  With that in mind get yourself a GB2 Opossum Perch.  With a GB2 Opossum Perch, a few feet of strong cordage, and a few stout limbs you get the best seat around the fire.  Easy and not at all heavy because you’re just carrying a few ounces of canvas and cordage the limbs are cut in the field.  Cordage and limbs not included.

The GB2 Opossum Perch is made from 18 ounce Duck Canvas.  You simply cut 3-6″ longer than the length from your heel to your knee to make the perfect GB2 Opossum Perch tripod.


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