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GB2 Wilderness Training Program Bundle


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GB2 Wilderness Training Program Bundle

The GB2 Wilderness Training Program is a program of courses designed to take a student with little to no experience in the wilderness and teach them the skills they can rely on in the forests and woodlands. The GB2 System of Training™ recognizes that the majority of people are accustomed to modern living and very heavily reliant on gear. This training system seeks to meet a student where they are and take them through a progression of skills that allow them to be less reliant on gear, and more self- and nature-reliant with less and less gear.

The Wilderness Training Program includes the Wilderness Skills Course, Bushcraft Skills Course, Winter Skills Course, Primitive Skills Course, Master Navigator Course, and the Wilderness Medicine Course. The program is self-paced, and includes 27 Training Days with considerable time to practice skills between courses.

Please note that this GB2 Instructor Training Program Bundle package is 100% non-refundable at any time.

Wilderness Training Program (27 Training Days)

  • Wilderness Skills Course (4 days) Retail Cost: $749.99
  • Bushcraft Skills Course (4 days) Retail Cost: $749.99
  • Primitive Skills Course (4 days) Retail Cost: $749.99
  • Winter Skills Course (4 days) Retail Cost: $749.99
  • Wilderness Medicine Course (7 days) Retail Cost: $949.99
  • Master Navigator Course (4 days) Retail Cost: $749.99

Course Tuition: Retail Cost: $4,699.94

Bundle Discount: $3,524.99 (25% Off)

This outlines the minimum requirements for successful completion of the Wilderness Training Program. Students should also seek out additional elective training to further enhance their capabilities, and confidence in the wilderness. Books, PDFs, Films, Workshops, and environment-specific courses are also highly recommended as they become available.

Wilderness Training courses can also be taken on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Full GB2 Wilderness Training Program package discounts are 100% nonrefundable. This Program is self-paced and has no time limit for completion of requirements. Students are responsible for and expected to maintain proficiency in all tasks from each course throughout completion.

Students that do not successfully complete any given portion of the program will be required to repeat that course until successful completion. This will be at the student’s expense when applicable unless it is determined by the cadre that it was no fault of their own and that they should be allowed to recycle into the next available opportunity. This may include, but not be limited to medical emergencies or circumstances outside the student’s control and is at the sole discretion of the cadre. Lack of proficiency, poor physical fitness resulting in an inability to complete the course, training refusals (not participating in any portion of the course), integrity violations (cheating), or voluntarily withdrawing (quitting) from a course will not be considered for recycle and may result in the removal of the student from the program (non-refundable).

Is there a deadline or completion date for wilderness training?

No, you may take as long as you wish.

What are the gear requirements for wilderness training?

For a comprehensive list, it's best to review the required packing lists for each course in the program. You will need those items for those courses, but they do not have to be purchased at once, in advance, and often gear you already own covers some of those requirements.

Is it easy to transition from this program to the Instructor Training Program?

Yes, simply notify us of your intentions and we will work out the details with you.


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GB2 Wilderness Training Program Bundle