GB2 GP (General Purpose) Drawstring Pouch (Large)

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These GB2 Drawstring Pouches are handmade in the USA and are perfect for organizing your gear into easy-to-grab smaller kits within your larger pack.

Although you can organize your kit as you see fit, I like to organize mine according to the 8 Essential Kits:

Fire Kit

Shelter Kit

Water Kit

Food Kit

First Aid Kit

Navigation Kit

Signal Kit

Tools, Repair, and Maintenance Kit

These 8 Essential Kits correspond with the 8 Wilderness Priorities that every human has in the backcountry. The GB2 Drawstring Pouches make it easier to find and grab the kit you need to provide for your specific needs. 

If you are carrying the GB2 IFAK, I would recommend storing that in the GB2 Custom IFAK Pouch, but it could be kept in one of these as a less expensive option.

Likewise, the GB2 Signal Joey is a great way to organize your Signal Kit and it doubles as a signal panel, but you could also use a Drawstring Pouch to keep it readily accessible. 

Each Drawstring Pouch is made of 100% cotton in coyote tan with a stamped GB2 logo, a crimson paracord drawstring, and a cord lock to keep it cinched tight and hold your contents securely. 

Approximate Dimensions (may vary slightly as these are handmade):

Large: 18.5” x 9”

PLEASE NOTE: The picture shows all three GP pouches for size comparison only, you are only purchasing the specific size in this listing, not all three.

Where are these made?

They are hand made here in the USA.

What GB2 products will this fit?

The Tentsmith's Oilskin 8x8 tarps fit easily and the GB2 Bed Sleeve fits tightly rolled.

Can this double as a water pre-filter?

Yes, but it would be easier with a purpose-built pre-filter like the GB2 Millbank Bag.

7 reviews for GB2 GP (General Purpose) Drawstring Pouch (Large)

  1. Jacob (verified owner)

  2. Rod Yewell (verified owner)

  3. Douglas N. (verified owner)

    Durable canvas bags that will last forever. The large size holds the GB2 canvas bed sleeve if you roll it up tightly. I bought several of these to line the large side pockets of my canvas rucksack. This makes it much easier to organize and access the items within.

  4. Darren (verified owner)

    This is going to be the same review for all three sizes. Simple pouch for putting your gear in. Excellent in keeping your different kits organized and accessible within your ruck. You should be able to know where your stuff is in the dark but you can tie an extra knot or two in the drawstring cords to make a tactile identifier.

  5. James (verified owner)

  6. Gaylord R. (verified owner)

    Great value and quality

  7. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Great bags for organizing my backpack and large enough to store a descent amount of tinder after it’s been waxed to keep things dry.

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