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Into the Woods Digital PDF – Survival Priorities

The Survival Priorities are a list of tasks that need to be accomplished for survival. They are meant to give you an easy-to-remember list of the tasks in a general order of importance so that when you are in a high-stress emergency, you know what to do first.

This 30-page, full-color PDF breaks down the Survival Priorities and is based on our film, Into the Woods, starring Joshua Enyart, a.k.a., The Gray Bearded Green Beret.


  • 30-Full Color Pages (Digital PDF)
  • 40 min. of footage from “Into the Woods” (links)
  • First Aid for Life Threats
  • Core Temperature Control
  • Hydration
  • Calorie Consumption
  • Rest
  • Navigation
  • Signal
  • Tools


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51 reviews for Into the Woods Digital PDF

  1. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Awesome content

  2. Christie C. (verified owner)

    The GBGB really explains things well. I enjoy learning from him and watching the outtakes too.

  3. Steve Karp (verified owner)

    Great little primer full of great knowledge in an easy-to-use format. Perfect for a beginner like me and helps reinforce the concepts from the videos. Highly recommended; I’d love to see this in print form someday to throw in a ruck to have the info on hand.

  4. Roy B. (verified owner)

    It was very informative and just what I needed to sharpen my skills

  5. William Comeau (verified owner)

    Very informational and easy to understand.

  6. Chaz S. (verified owner)

    Great resource! Always nice to have a quick reference guide to hone your skills!

  7. James H. (verified owner)

    Thank you! The information was presented in an easy to read and organized fashion. I look forward to your future products.

  8. ROBERT L. (verified owner)

    I bought this ebook on sale for $10 so I didn’t pay the $15 listed. Thanks for that…
    I too am a gray ‘haired’ Green Beret (15 years – 18E, 89-04 and I have two new knees to prove it…lol). I really like the vlog and watch it every time something new comes out but I thought the book was very much for the basic beginner. The information contained was good but again, very basic, would’ve also liked to see a few more photos in a larger format instead of off to the side 1″ square. I wish there could’ve been a preview before buying, however, I did print it out and gave it to a non military friend and he seemed to like it.
    I do like the stuff that Josh does, it’s a very good review for the stuff I’ve forgotten about. I’m now the grandfather of a 12 year old girl who loves to go out in the woods with her grandpa, so we do watch the vlog together and then go out and practice, so for those refreshers, thank you Josh and crew.

  9. Patrick Song (verified owner)

    I love the PDF. A lot of the information is the same stuff I can already find on your youtube page, but I’m very happy to have paid for this knowledge in PDF format. It’s got nice chapters, is clear to read, and I like the special youtube links. The youtube videos are also of a higher video/audio quality, which is nice!

  10. michael k. (verified owner)

    Love the way Josh lays everything out in a concise, logical manner!

  11. Umesh Heendeniya (verified owner)

    Superb– a wealth of practical information.

  12. rick (verified owner)

    every thing you put out is awesome

  13. Crecencio Sanchez (verified owner)

    Amazing thorough content!

  14. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Awesome compliment to the video and great comprehensive stand-alone information as is. Clear-cut and to the point. I printed it out for quick reference and look forward to passing it down to my kids. This should be mandatory study for anyone venturing out into the wilderness, campers/hunters/fishermen, etc.

  15. James Dunsmore (verified owner)

    Nailed it. Nice work.

  16. Michael Robinson (verified owner)

    A complete wealth of knowledge

  17. William Reyes (verified owner)

    I’m enjoying the PDF file. Easier to read on my laptop than my phone. The print is a little small for my liking. The content is very good. Muy bueno GB2.

  18. Ruslan (verified owner)

    Very Good Survival Priority doc – glad to have it

  19. Steven Garcia (verified owner)

    Great information from a knowledgeable source! Layout of the information is well-organized.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Got it on sale for $9.95, felt it was worth $4.95… very generic not recommending to others.

  21. leon atkins (verified owner)

    Very practical guidance, packed full of essential information.

  22. Eric Honea (verified owner)

    Experience was great. Video is good so far.

    I order Wilderness medical though not into the woods lol

  23. Eric Monroe (verified owner)

    The professional film crew allowed Joshua to focus on knowledge transfer of bushcrafting skills. Great job! Apparently, he could even make boiling water entertaining enough to watch with the whole family.

  24. Cheston T. (verified owner)

    Excellent information presented in a straightforward and easy to understand format.

  25. Louis M. (verified owner)

    Good information & refresher. The knot video was helpful.

  26. JONATHAN BROCK (verified owner)

    So let’s be clear, a 30 page pdf (with accompanying videos) will not make you a survival expert, nor does it seem to be the goal. Rather, it is to introduce you to concepts and reality-based ideas that you should supplement both by additional reading/instruction *AND* practical excercises.

    In this regard I think it succeeds well; this should get you in the mindset of a 72-hour survival scenario, where fishing or trapping game is secondary to dealing with immediate medical threats, navigating to a place where rescue is available, or even more basically obtaining the necessary shelter and water needed while you “hug-a-tree” and await rescue.

    This is an excellent introduction to a number of survival skills without delving too deeply into something for the advanced practitioner. Go in with those expectations and I think you’ll be satisfied.

  27. glen a. (verified owner)

    Great fulfillment.

  28. Evan Cauffman (verified owner)

    Outstanding! Great information delivered by an experienced instructor.

  29. Christopher (verified owner)

    Overall outstanding product! I was hesitant to buy the product at first because I’m “old school,” and prefer a hardcopy over digital but I received an email with my pdf attachment with infinite downloads.

    Upon receipt I printed it off front and back, and placed it into a notebook for easy reference, and added the material to my professional library. The information presented is straight forward, easily understood, and will without a doubt save my life or the life of another one day. This product is my new favorite survival manual/reference!

    I’m not new to the field, I have 20+ years of Military, Law Enforcement, and Volunteer Fire Service and I learned some new techniques, and added additional “tools” to the tactical toolbox. As a 20+ year EMT/EMT Instructor, I enjoyed the emphasis placed upon the first aid tactics.

    I’m very happy with the product, and plan to buy more Items in the future to include the DVD set. The Gray Bearded Green Beret knows his craft, and knows it well!

  30. Michael (verified owner)

    Long ago, I was taught to keep my lessons in the . realm of “need to know.” The good to know and nice to know are areas that may be interesting later. Josh stays in the need to know. That’s what got my attention. I’ll pass along survival priorities to those I care about because of that.

  31. Jeffrey Hall (verified owner)

    Such a great and concise list of what’s important during a survival scenario! It hits all the most important points!

  32. Jerome Jackson (verified owner)

    More please

  33. José G. (verified owner)

    Well written, I found all the information I was looking for.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good content. It would be better for reading and printing if the document background was white

  35. Edward (verified owner)

    Love your method of presentation; knowledgable, well organized and presented with easy manner and no BS. Recommended for those new to this material or those of us that occasionally need the cobwebs swept away. Can’t wait for more like this.

  36. Darrel Fritts (verified owner)

    Great content, outstanding customer service thanks!

  37. kirk (verified owner)

    Some very good content. I like to use it as a stepping off point/checklist for how to build my bag around my needs. Some good links also. Absolutely worth the 10 bucks.

  38. Morgan (verified owner)

  39. Bill (verified owner)

    Awesome content, Josh is amazing and feel very fortunate for him producing these videos. Looking forward to purchasing the rest of them as I can!

  40. Jeff King (verified owner)

    This is a great stand-alone, but a perfect companion to the movie.

  41. Larry G. (verified owner)

    Once again , practical survival techniques from Josh (GBGB), I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to sharpen their skills as sharp as that Puko Knife Josh carries….. Once you get to finding the PEPPER TREE, you will have rounded out your survival / bushcraft skills immensely…….keep up the great work JOSH, I will be looking in to your other videos as well……

  42. Mike S. (verified owner)

  43. David Klopacz (verified owner)

    Things I already knew but the gray man knows his stuff

  44. Dave W. (verified owner)

    Great summary of the Into The Woods videos. Also has some YT links to basic demos of a handful of the topics.

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

  46. Chad Colwell (verified owner)

  47. William Comeau (verified owner)

    A great companion to the video!

  48. Lewis Eckhardt (verified owner)

    Same comment as the USB. a lot of good information.

  49. William (verified owner)

  50. Francisco (verified owner)

    A must have & excellent knowledge.

  51. Alan Hinckley (verified owner)

    A fantastic addition to any digital library! The embedded videos are a great value add to the content.

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