Into The Woods - The Gray Bearded Green Beret

Into The Woods

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Runtime: 174 Minutes 




Into the Woods, A Wilderness Survival Film


This is a Wilderness Survival film starring Joshua Enyart, aka, The Gray Bearded Green Beret. Joshua takes you “Into the Woods”, and turns you into his personal student.

In this film, Joshua breaks down all of the main skills that are necessary if you find yourself in a survival situation. A handful of the things you’ll learn are how to identify and use a water vine for hydration on the move, and primitive direction finding using the sun and shadows and using animal signs to find water.

+ Identifying common sources of Natural Tinder-like Broomsedge, Dog Fennel, Pine Sap, Fatwood, and Punkwood; Making water safe to drink using a Grayl Geopress water filter.

+ Shelter Site Selection requirements using the 5 W’s; Knots and Lashings including the “Rapid Ridgeline”- the Bowline with a couple of variations, a uniquely modified Truckers Hitch that has an advantage over the traditional method, Fisherman’s loop, Prusik knot; the Shear Lash; How to “hank” your Ridgeline so it stays tangle-free, and so much more.

Joshua is one of the best Survival instructors that we have ever worked with and once you watch this film you will understand why. Come take a walk with Joshua and The Survival Summit, Into the Woods.

Film Features

  • Runtime: 174 Minutes
  • Intro & Gathering Resources
  • Navigation: Field-expedient Direction Finding
  • Gathering and Using Natural Tinder
  • Finding and Filtering Water
  • Shelter Site Selection
  • How to tie useful Knots and Lashings
  • Tarp or Poncho Shelter Configurations
  • The Elevator Fire Lay
  • How to make and use Charred Natural Material
  • Campsite Prep and Setup
  • Plant Identification
  • Bonus: Primitive Trapping

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79 reviews for Into The Woods

  1. Jerry Bowman (verified owner)

    Great Stuff will do more

  2. John M Brown (verified owner)

    The info was on point and more importantly, easily understood. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jonathan C. (verified owner)

    Awesome instructional series!

  4. Mike H. (verified owner)

    A great deal but more importantly very informative and fun. Enjoying yourself as you learn, is anything better?

  5. Thor Nielsen (verified owner)

    Incredible quality and the knowledge is worth every penny!

  6. Jeff Chambers (verified owner)

    This is a great primer for getting, “Into the Woods”. I thoroughly enjoyed Joshua’s method and manner of instruction. It was a great review for me and my grandson is anxiously awaiting our upcoming camping trip to practice what Joshua has taught him.

  7. Eric S. (verified owner)

    Excellent knowledge

  8. Cliff (verified owner)

    Very pleased with all my transactions. Thanks

  9. John Eldredge (verified owner)

    These are great foundational skills that can be applied immediately. The concepts delivered here are easy to use and essential for enjoying the wilderness while losing some modern comforts. I am very happy with the skills I have learned from these videos

  10. Alan Rock (verified owner)

    Josh shares his deep knowledge and understanding of survival and bushcraft in an easy to understand and entertaining manner. I highly recommend this video!

  11. Toby Seb (verified owner)

    Awesome, great info taught in an easy to understand way. Highly recommend for anyone who likes the outdoors.

  12. Geoff Waldron (verified owner)

    Really good content, a must learn for anyone wanting to know basic survival skills, I will share this with my family

  13. John Dearth (verified owner)

    great work

  14. Jerry Bowman (verified owner)

    This was done very well. Joshua does a great job and is a great teacher. He explained knots better than anyone I have known. I learned a lot even at 63.

  15. David B. (verified owner)

    A very informative series…

  16. Derrick H. (verified owner)

    J is a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor guiding you through different skills preparing the viewer through a movie style setting going into the wilderness. If you get a chance to purchase it, you should.

  17. Robert T. (verified owner)

    As a teacher myself, I am greatly appreciative of your sense of subject matter knowledge and your ability to transmit this knowledge with great patience and attentiveness to details. Thanks as always.

  18. Tj johnston (verified owner)

    Very informative in GB2 fashion, laying down a foundation for you to build your skill set.

  19. Kenneth Schafer (verified owner)

    Excellent overview of basic bushcraft skills.

  20. Chad H. (verified owner)

    Great content presented in an easy to understand and engaging manner, all in a very high quality production that never presents itself too seriously. Perfect.

  21. Thomas Olson (verified owner)

    Just finished and thought it was outstanding.

  22. Gavin B. (verified owner)

    Loved every second, have recommended to my friends and people I know who are interested in this kinda stuff, Joshuas style is so easy to pick up the skills and the humour makes it fun.

    Thank you !

  23. Jacob Collins (verified owner)

    I find the instructor’s delivery, patience, and humor, refreshing. I will probably purchase all of Josh’s videos as well as try to attend personal classes. Thank you!

  24. Vaughn R. (verified owner)

    The customer service I received was above and beyond! I was having some issues streaming, and sent an email on a Sunday, fully expecting to hear back during the week. Instead, I actually got a phone call within a couple hours. Top notch for sure!

  25. Dalton Schmidt (verified owner)

    Great job

  26. Dee Dee (verified owner)

    The GBGB gives a very thorough and educational course for a beginner, like me. I loved his demonstration and his extra spin on some classic knots that make them easier to use. I also was amazed and enjoyed how to navigate without a compass, and how to find everything you need for a successfull fire. I can’t wait to finish the course, watch it again, and better acquire these valuable skills. Thank you for taking the time to make “Into the Woods”

  27. Charles G. (verified owner)

    Top notch work. This is excellently produced and full of solid information. Josh’s experience comes through to deliver this knowledge in a very understandable way. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn about bushcraft or outdoor living.

  28. Kathryn Modine (verified owner)

    I love these lessons and the additional Survival HD! ☺

  29. Michael T. (verified owner)

    Great content taught in a very easy to understand manner. Highly recommended.

  30. nancy B. (verified owner)

    great information for the outdoor lovers to eep you & yours safe

  31. Emmanuel Turner (verified owner)

    A comprehensive package of everything you need to know to get out into the woods and all packaged into a logical course of viewing. There’s a lot of fully rounded out explanations of key skills. Yes, there might be a hundred ways of doing certain things, but sometimes, esp. when starting out, you just want a good method explained well. Highly recommended. The pacing is great and the tone relaxed and calming so it’s perfect for watching segments after a busy day.

  32. Richard Strong (verified owner)

    Good, practical information. I really found it useful.

  33. Joshua (verified owner)

    So far, due to living where mountain goats out number people several hundred to one, Ihaven’t been able to watch much… like just the intro to the high desert… Based on my previous experiences with the content Josh puts out I have no doubt that it will be poignant, thorough and vitally informative.

  34. Fred (verified owner)

    entertaining and informative introduction to various subject

  35. Jason H. (verified owner)

    The quality of information and filming was great. Unfortunately, my technology (laptop) is eleven years old. Keep up the great work. I look forward to purchasing more.

  36. Daniel M. (verified owner)

    The content that Josh has produced and in the way he delivers his knowledge in his calm conversational style really helps you grasp the concepts he is putting across.
    What was also useful was how he then showed you what to look for and what not. Demonstrating at each stage why things were important. Where other bushcraft/survival instructors will show you simply a textbook approach. Josh will take the time to show you the optimal technique and provide suggestions on camera on how to practice and improve.
    I cannot wait for the next courses.

  37. Tenya (verified owner)

    Very informative and fun

  38. George R. (verified owner)

    Solid information, delivered without bluster and hype!

  39. Charles Freeman (verified owner)

    Great series of videos. I learned a lot.

  40. Marc Villeneuve (verified owner)

    Still in the beginning of the training but so far very good

  41. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Great training aid for learning survival skill sets or expanding your knowledge base . Joshua is thorough in his explanations and teachings , along with that he draws from an extensive and rather impressive military background that absolutely assures me that he is an extremely capable instructor .

  42. Bernard R Gaskill Jr (verified owner)

    I just finished running the video. Great content, very good service. Thank you.

  43. Leon Leeper (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Josh nailed it with ‘Into the Woods’. It is an excellent entry-level bush craft series covering need-to-know “basics training” intended, I believe, to be practiced and used as a “springboard” in expanding one’s knowledge and confidence in being and/or staying in the woods for a period of time. ‘Into the Woods’ would make a great gift for tenderfoot level bushcrafters, i.e., my grandsons. Very pleased w/amount and quality of knowledge and instruction. Highly recommend.

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well done. Enjoyed every minute. Worth watching several times.

  45. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Outstanding as always, Josh excels in everything he does!

  46. Eric (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the video.. very detailed

  47. Joshua G. (verified owner)

    Invaluable information! My whole family has benefited from this instructional video and we look forward to utilizing many of the skills learned in the field!

  48. larry gordon (verified owner)

    I use a great deal on online content from a small number of trusted sources. It takes a while to narrow these down so as to minimize the email traffic and to have a few ‘go to’ sources. Been watching Joshua’s videos for a while and decided to invest his ‘Into the Woods’ video. I tend to look at training material as if I were balancing the cost and benefit. Often, there is one concept that makes the material worth the price of admission. Joshua’s ‘Into the Woods’ has a double handful of concepts/techniques that are each worth the $25 or so spent for the online version. For example, what would one pay to learn how to bundle a tent line so it unravels without getting tangled up? What would one pay to learn how to set up a tarp shelter in 5 minutes or less? Or how to find punk wood and properly char it? Well done Joshua (well, maybe the bonus material on snares gets a little off the rails ({:>)) Highly recommend for basic site prep and simple set up on the fly.

  49. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Great content. Concise, to the point, and also very entertaining! I just wish the videos were even longer.

  50. Crecencio S. (verified owner)

    Really amazing detailed instructions. Currently watching it everyday to soak In all the material on the go. Two thumbs way up! 👍👍

  51. Pat D. (verified owner)

    Great information! My son and I had a great time hanging the shelter and building a fire yesterday.

  52. Garry B. (verified owner)

    Great information!

  53. nancy (verified owner)

    might not get lost not! at least will feel more confident

  54. Kevin Bryant (verified owner)

    Great for the camper and hikers with the desire to know more or to refresh what we thought we knew.

  55. Edward W. (verified owner)

    I appreciate the straight talk about developing your skills to be better prepared before going in the woods.

  56. Blaine Poe (verified owner)

    Very well done. With great ideas and concepts for wilderness skills that people can use for getting back in touch with the natural environment. Plus skills that will help you get through situations that are less than ideal.

  57. Dennis Harris (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly. Quality package and product content.

  58. Daniel Bombard (verified owner)

    Very great videos added more to my learning and I greatly appreciate it. I highly recommend them to others! Thank you Joshua!

  59. Terrence M. (verified owner)

    Great series, quality training lecture and every bit as entertaining as it is informative.

  60. Patrick Rosslee (verified owner)

    It was a nice introductory video that taught me lot’s of new and neat tricks. I appreciated his sense of humour while presenting. I would definitely look at purchasing further installments should they ever come out.

  61. Jonathon S. (verified owner)

    Just awesome insight and information.

  62. Joseph Rule (verified owner)

    Josh and his crew did a bang out job with this training course. Just don’t ever tell him that if you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot.

  63. Richard (verified owner)

    Excellent production quality, content and presentation.

  64. Joseph Sikorski (verified owner)

    Amazing amounts of worthwhile, non-filler knowledge crammed into this. Excellent. The most informative 170 minutes I’ve spent learning since starting on my outdoor journey 15 years ago

  65. Dana Papineau (verified owner)

    Josh your a good instructor. You keep me interested and involved. Tanks Dana

  66. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great video.excellent information .

  67. Jonathan M. (verified owner)

    Joshua Enyart is a great teacher. The video is enjoyable to watch. The video contains the right amount of detail, and he repeats important points which makes it easier to remember. Jonathan M, M.D.

  68. David J. (verified owner)

    Great for hands on/visual learning.

  69. Johan M. (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed learning from you in the “Into the Woods” DVD’s. Even though I am familiar with most everything you talk about I learned different techniques in how you perform the tasks. It’s great to learn new ways of doing things n the outdoors.

  70. Jeffrey Hall (verified owner)

    This is an amazing training course that Is already watching for the 2nd time! You just can’t find a better reference than this!

  71. Larry Myers (verified owner)

    Enjoyed it immensely, especially snaring a rib eye steak!

  72. PETER F (verified owner)

    Covered gear, how to use it. The series reviewed situations I would otherwise not have thought about. Giving me better awareness to our surroundings.

  73. Dan A. (verified owner)

    Straight forward, fundamental skills. Josh does a awesome job teaching

  74. James C. (verified owner)

    Good info & presentation. The last episode (trapping) was a bit silly and I wish he had actually covered how to dress & prepare the animal once you trap it.

  75. Thomas A. (verified owner)

    I got into the GB2 YouTube channel and was sold on knowledge, expertise, instructional style, and content. Experience is evident and I appreciated the realistic and effective approach in skills, technique, and equipment. It motivated me to develop new skills and helped me enjoy the outdoors that much more. Into The Woods did not disappoint!

  76. Larry (verified owner)

    I recommend doing business with GB2

  77. Rod Yewell (verified owner)

    Great information thank you

  78. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Entertaining and informative, easy to understand information. The video and audio is high quality too, looking forward to checking out future videos from this crew.

  79. eric (verified owner)

    love the videos

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