Kevlar Escape Cord Gray Bearded Green Beret

Kevlar Escape Cord

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6 ft., 200 lb. test

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Kevlar Escape Cord

Our Kevlar escape cord includes six-feet of 200 lb. test Kevlar. This Kevlar Escape cordage is easy to hide and can be used to escape from plastic restraints, tape, rope, or cloth.

Used as a friction saw it is a highly efficient method to cut through materials. As a multi-use item, Escape Thread will also work for many other tasks that require strong cordage.

2 reviews for Kevlar Escape Cord

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    Corporate gifting and stocking stuffer this year! Stay free!

  2. Peter W. (verified owner)

    These are presents for Xmas along with the miniature handcuff keys! Just imagine Mel Gibson in Braveheart yelling Freeeedom!

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