Mora 163 Hook Knife Double Edge Carver with Leather Sheath

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Mora 163 Hook Knife, Double Edge Carver

The Mora 163 Hook knife with a double-edged stainless steel blade, for both pull and push carving left- or right-handed. This carver has a more open curve. Perfect for making a clean cut surface or bowls with large radius.

We have optimized the blade to make it run smooth over the inside of the spoon or bowl. Improved edge bevels complete the blade and give it the optimum carving experience.

Includes Leather Sheath.

To protect both you and the knife it comes with a simple but ingeniously designed edge protection made out of Swedish vegetable tanned leather manufactured locally with cowhides from the region.


  • Mora hook knife wood carving tool for carving spoons, bowls, cups, or for any detailed relief carving
  • Double-edged blade with bigger 25mm radius
  • Top grade Swedish 12C27 stainless steel features excellent edge performance, razor sharpness, high hardness, and exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomically designed oiled birch wood handle for comfort and balance
  • Made in Sweden
  • Net Weight: 70 g (2.4 oz)
  • Product Length: 190 mm (7.4 oz)
  • Gross Weight: 117 g (4.12 oz)
  • Width: 29 mm (1.14 oz)
  • Blade Thickness: 2.0 mm
  • Internal Radius: 25 mm
  • Knife Length: 183 mm (7.2 inches)
  • Blade Length: 74 mm (2.91 inches)

PLEASE NOTE: Patina of the blade is a normal part of the tempering process and does not affect the performance of the product.

For a tighter hook knife for spoons please see the Mora 162 or the Mora 106 for a straight carver.

Is this a hook knife??

Yes and it pairs perfectly with a Mora 106 straight carving knife for flat areas.

Is this good for carving or whittling spoons?

Yes, excellent for spoons and bowls. For tighter curves take a look at the Mora Hook Knife 162.

Where is this made?

Mora knives are proudly made in Sweden.

5 reviews for Mora 163 Hook Knife Double Edge Carver with Leather Sheath

  1. Rod Yewell (verified owner)

    Solid built excellent feel.

  2. Todd O. (verified owner)

    Makes working with wood a breeze!

  3. Douglas (verified owner)

  4. Philip Palmer (verified owner)

    Great Carver it will be put to alot of use.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    If your a carver you can’t live without a hook knife…. Or two:) Mora carving knives are the best!

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