Navigation Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

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Navigation Bug Out Survival Supplement BOSS Kit with Compass

Find your way with the Navigation Bug Out Survival Supplement BOSS Kit. You will receive the tools you need to successfully navigate anywhere you need to. Be sure to download maps for the areas you expect to be in, and slip them into the included 9×12″ map bags. And don’t forget to practice!

These self contained kits have everything you need for basic to advanced land navigation. They’re sized small and light enough to have in any emergency or bug-out kit. They also make great, compact kits for teaching aids for your kids or Scout troop.

Kit Contents

  • Brunton Truarc 3 Baseplate Compass
  • 6 Navigation Reference cards
  • magnifier
  • Ranger Beads
  • Pencil
  • Military Style UTM/MGRS Coordinate Scale
  • 6 Waterproof Index cards
  • 2 9×12″ map bags
  • Mechanical pace counter
  • Army Navigation Manual
  • Size: 11x7x3 inches
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.

Does this include a compass?

Yes and all the basics you need to successfully navigate, except a map.

Do you offer navigation training?

Absolutely! All of our core courses include navigation and we offer a Master Navigator Course for those who wish to maximize their skills.

Is this water resistant?

Yes. The kit comes in a resealable bag and includes two map bags as well.

8 reviews for Navigation Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

  1. Cliff (verified owner)

    One of the main items for a secondary bag.

  2. Jonathan O. (verified owner)

    Great emergency kit

  3. William Comeau (verified owner)

    Everything you need to get around.

  4. Lewis Eckhardt (verified owner)

    I really love the B.O.S.S. kits. I’ve put together some of the other kits myself but these are so handy, complete and thought out. I like the zip lock bag so after use you can seal it up and not have loose items floating around.

  5. Lewis Eckhardt (verified owner)

    Another kit that is thoughtful and has nearly everything you need without excess weight or bulk. Includes items that do the job.

  6. Dennis H. (verified owner)

  7. darwin lalonde (verified owner)

  8. Anthony James (verified owner)

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