Paracord Hank (25′)

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Sometimes all you need is 25′! This is the perfect size for making your ridgeline. All GB2 25′ Paracord Hanks come with a free bowline!



Paracord Hank, 25 Foot

Paracord (Parachute Cord, “P” Cord, or 550 cord) is a staple of the outdoor industry.

Originally meant for the suspension lines of military parachutes, this cordage has made its way into the spotlight as a strong, lightweight, packable cordage option for the outdoorsperson.

It became known as the go-to survival cordage most likely due to survival training being fairly military specific in it’s origins, and the fact that it was available and plentiful in the military inventory.

The kern (outer sheath) is made of nylon, with the mantle (inner strands) consisting of seven individual nylon strands.

This cordage is rated for 550lbs. However, it is not rated for nor is it to be used for climbing or rappelling.

This 25′ hank is the perfect size for your shelter ridgeline. Pair it with some #36 Bank Line and build your own “Rapid Ridgeline”.

Comes in two color choices:

  • Olive Drab
  • Neon Orange Reflective (+$10.00)

What is paracord?

Paracord was originally meant for military parachute suspension lines.

What is paracord made out of?

The kern and mantle are both made of nylon.

What is the tensile strength of this cordage?

It has a tensile strength of 550lbs, earning it the nickname 550 cord in the military.

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