Rite in the Rain Waterproof Spiral Notebook 4″ x 6″

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Waterproof Notebook with 4″ x 6″ Rite in the Rain paper in the Universal Grid Pattern.

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Rite in the Rain Top Spiral Bound Notebook 4″ x 6″

4″ x 6″ top spiral-bound notebook that is perfect for writing, drawing, or recording projects in the field. It has a Green Polydura cover with light green sheets in the Universal Grid pattern. This notebook has 50 sheets giving you 100 pages for your notes and drawings. ¬†Each page features Rite in the Rain paper which sheds water and enables you to write in any weather.
The cover has additional useful information printed on it like a 13cm ruler and a 5in ruler, as well as many conversion tables and map scales. Map Scales include 1:50k, 1:100k, and 1:25k. This is useful as a backup protractor in the field for maps of the same scale. In addition, the cm ruler can be used as a backup protractor for 1:10k maps.
Pair this with a RITR Mechanical Pencil and you have the perfect combination for field notes and land nav.

Will this fit in my nav kit?

Yes. It fits most common 5x7 or larger field note kits and cargo pockets.

What's the paper color?

Sheets are light green with Universal Grid Pattern.

Does this have map scales?

Yes. 1:50k, 1:100k, and 1:25k and the CM ruler can be used for 1:10k in a pinch.

23 reviews for Rite in the Rain Waterproof Spiral Notebook 4″ x 6″

  1. Peter Wasserman (verified owner)

    I love these I used to use moleskine brand but as soon as I tried these I switched! again buy them here you’ll be supporting a small business and that’s really important now!

  2. Paul Michaels (verified owner)

    I haven’t used this item yet, but I trust you guys so I’m sure it will do as you say.

  3. john (verified owner)

    Good quality looking forward to using in the field

  4. Peter W. (verified owner)

    But these so much I should go bulk lol

  5. Peter (verified owner)

    This come as a perfect stocking stuffer for my corporate gifting!

  6. Eric Schneider (verified owner)

    The rain didn’t change a thang for this. Sorry I had to see how it was going to handle…it held up to every standard!!

  7. Tommy E. (verified owner)

    I did a field test and guess what? You can rite in the rain….LOL They work great!

  8. Rod Yewell (verified owner)

  9. Von Medearis (verified owner)

  10. Jacob (verified owner)

    Very handy notebook at a really good price. I carry mine all the time for land navigation as well as just taking notes.

  11. William Comeau (verified owner)

    These notebooks are awesome and very handy to have.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good notebooks that do what they say

  13. Alric Wilson (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Will J. (verified owner)

  17. Richard (verified owner)

  18. Lewis Eckhardt (verified owner)

    I used these in the Army in the 80’s. They are so practical and do what they say. I also use the correct pen and there has never been any running or blurring.

  19. William L. (verified owner)

    Have yet to use, but I have used in the past and they are excellent.

  20. Darren (verified owner)

  21. James (verified owner)

  22. jess (verified owner)

  23. Chris (verified owner)

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