Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

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Fire Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

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The Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival (BOSS) kit is a more streamlined version of its predecessor the Signaling BOSS Kit, but with the same quality components!

The full kit is contained in a resealable, UV-resistant, zippered-lock style bag with the contents clearly labeled on the exterior. 2.1 oz.

The small size and minimal weight of this Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival kit makes it at home in a cargo pocket, shoulder pocket, EDC kit or any sized backpack. These are very popular for kids and Scout kits for the same reason.

Kit Contents:

  • Signal mirror
  • Whistle
  • 3- Mini glowsticks
  • 15’ Orange vinyl ribbon- Use as trail markers
  • Chalk- Mark messages and directions on rock faces
  • 5 Reflective patches
  • 10 reflective tacks

For additional info and tips from the Gray Bearded Green Beret on the all of the Bug Out Survival Supplemental (BOSS) kits and their uses, please click HERE.

What is this for?

The Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival kit is a compact kit designed to aid in affecting rescue in an emergency.

How heavy is this?

The entire Signaling Mini kit is under 3 ounces.

Does it include a whistle and mirror?



4 reviews for Signaling Mini Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

  1. david parsons

    Well worth the money for the piece of mind. I think you would be hard pressed to buy a decent whistle and signal mirror for the price of this kits let alone the extras and its already prepacked in a watertight bag.

  2. Melinda (verified owner)

  3. Martin F. (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good collection of signaling devices. Whistle could have been of better construction.

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