Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF


Digital PDF. No physical copy will be mailed to you.



Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF

The Survival Kit Planning Digital PDF is Part 2 in a series of  Foundational PDFs covering Wilderness Skills. These PDFs have no publishing word count limit, so they allow for the most information available on the subjects, even more than the books and courses. Plus, they come with full-color graphics and images!

The GB2 System of Training™ was developed by Joshua Enyart and Gray Bearded Green Beret LLC. It meets students where they are as modern humans reliant on gear, and seeks to train them to be less gear-reliant and more self- and nature-reliant. This system is delivered through Books, PDFs, Training Films, and Live Courses and Workshops. This PDF series closely follows the GB2 Wilderness Skills Course, the foundational course within the system. The corresponding book is Surviving the Wild by Joshua Enyart. The full-length Training Film Wilderness Skills is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Delivering the information through a variety of media allows it to be accessed by the greatest number of students. Time and budget do not always allow for everyone who wants to attend to make it to live Training Courses. In addition, time during courses is limited to a few days. This PDF series offers the most information as it is self-published and has no word count limit. The corresponding book has more information than what can be covered in a course, but not as much as the PDF series due to publishing constraints. Live Courses are usually limited to a few days so we are limited to how much we can cover during that time.


  • 55 Full-Color Pages (Digital PDF)
  • Word Count: 8,032
  • Color Images and Graphics: 45
  • The 8 Essential Kits
    • Fire Kit
    • Shelter Kit
    • Water Kit
    • Food Kit
    • First Aid Kit
    • Navigation Kit
    • Signal Kit
    • Tool Kit


***Digital PDF ONLY – No Physical Copy will be mailed to you***

Do you offer hardcopies?

No, this is currently only available as a Digital PDF.

Would this be good in preparation for a Wilderness Skills Course?

Yes! This covers several topics that would help prepare you for a WS course and is also a great compliment to my book Surviving the Wild.

Why bother with digital content?

That's a great question. During live courses we have limited time with you and must condense content to the most important topics that require hands-on experience, plus consider terrain and weather issues. Books are often limited by publishers to a degree many people would be surprised by. This can leave important content behind. Digital content is not restricted by any of these things and, therefore, can thoroughly cover topics and be as long as the author needs since you can study the material at your own pace. This greatly augments book and live learning.


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