The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods


By Nicole Apelian, Ph.D

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The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods, Edible Plants, Lichens, Mushrooms, and Seaweeds (the North American Edition) – By Nicole Apelian, Ph.D

Learn how to ethically harvest, store, and use the abundance of wild foods that surround you. This comprehensive book will become a favorite reference for you on your journey into wild foods and foraging. Each wild food entry in this book has an introduction, a range map, edible uses, common medicinal uses, poisonous lookalikes, a description of the flowers and leaves for ID, excellent color photos, harvesting instructions, and a simple recipe.

Inside, you’ll discover over 400 plants that never made it to most people’s lives, kitchens or medicine cabinets. The most important thing that I would like to show you, and that many books lack, is how to correctly identify these plants. I went through great lengths to print this book in color with HUGE pictures for each plant, to make it easy to identify.

I also added extra photos of the defining features of the plant, so you will know exactly what to look for to make the correct identification. With the distribution map I added, you will also be able to search only for plants growing in your area. Because I want you to be 110% safe and sure you got the right plant, I added a Poisonous-Lookalike section for each plant explaining the differences you should look for. Each plant that has medicinal properties also has a section on how to use it as a remedy. You will also find instructions on how to prepare the wild foods for several purposes, how and when to harvest, depending on the season, and a few delicious time-tested recipes to prepare these wild foods like a seasoned forager.


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