Water Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

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Fire Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

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Water Bug Out Survival Supplement BOSS Kit

Add some water collection and purification to your bug out bag with the new Water BOSS! This 30 piece kit provides you with several options for collecting water and purifying it in the field. You’ll find items to boil, distill, treat, collect and store your H2O.

These small, but comprehensive Water Bug Out Survival BOSS kits are perfect for stashing in your family emergency kits, car kits, bug out bags and even caches.

For any water kit, you need the ability to procure it, make it safe to drink, and store it. You should have some redundancy in the ability to make it safe to drink with different options of filtration, purification, and disinfection.

This Water Bug Out Survival BOSS kit is a great start if you’re just beginning to build a kit.


  • Survival filter straw
  • 3- 1L Stand up bags
  • 2- 24”x30” Plastic bags
  • 6- Water purification tablets
  • 6- Coffee filters
  • 10 mL Syringe
  • Compressed sponge
  • 5’ tubing
  • Metal bowl
  • 1 oz Activated Charcoal
  • 2- Mesh bags 3×4″
  • 2- Foil Sheets
  • 3- Compressed towels
  • Survival instruction sheet
  • Size: 11x7x3 inches
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs.

To learn more about the various BOSS kits we have available and to get some tips and tricks from Joshua himself, please watch the video on this page or click HERE.

How much does this weigh??

The Water BOSS is about 3/4 pound.

Do you have other BOSS kits?

Yes! Under Shop, please see the BOSS Kits category.

Does this make water safe to drink?

Yes, with your help. The kit includes a stand-alone filter, several pre-filter materials and the means to sterilize water. We offer in classes and recommend you practice these skills on your own.


2 reviews for Water Bug Out Survival Supplement (BOSS) Kit

  1. Jamie R. (verified owner)

    Outstanding kit! Compact and lightweight, quality, multiple options, everything you need to be successful in gathering, filtering, and purifying water from multiple sources. So many great details, including the instructions within every kit!

  2. Lewis Eckhardt (verified owner)

    This kit has multiple ways of collecting and purifying water. I love the compactness and completeness of the B.O.S.S. kits. Everything in a resealable package to keep things together.

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