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Wilderness Medical stars Joshua Enyart, aka Gray Bearded Green Beret.  Joshua takes you into the woods to give you the knowledge to handle the most common injuries in the backcountry using dedicated medical gear as well as improvised techniques in order to get back to civilization. From tried and true methods to improvised methods, this film is packed with an insane amount of medical information. Each chapter is packed with techniques, knowledge, and demonstrations from improvised to TCCC certified methods.

Film Features

  • Medical Gear Discussion
  • Common Camping/ Hiking Gear for First Aid Use
  • Blood and how much is needed to Survive
  • Direct pressure & Elevation
  • Wound irrigation & Disinfecting
  • Pressure Dressings
  • Wound Packing
  • Tourniquets Technique and Demonstrations
  • Ankle Splints
  • Leg Splints
  • Knee Immobilizers
  • Arm Splints & Slings
  • Wrist Splints & Slings
  • Finger Splints & Slings
  • How to deal with Burns
  • Pelvic Injuries
  • Neck & Back Injuries
  • Blister Care & Prevention
  • Improvised Wound Closure Techniques
  • Major Injuries

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71 reviews for Wilderness Medical

  1. Joel Quillen (verified owner)

    Just finished watching this. The splinting portion is especially good.

  2. ROB SCHNEIDER (verified owner)

    Excellent course, quality is an understatement. The procedures and techniques are extremely valuable, and how Josh delivers the information is not only informative but entertaining. Excellent companion or primer to live training to build and maintain a good working knowledge of these skills.

  3. Martin Brown (verified owner)

    Fabulous. Where other online courses are filled with padding, Joshua gets straight to the point and the context together. Excellent value given the amount of detail, however a downloadable option would be greatly welcomed over online streaming only.

    Exceptional material delivered by experience and charisma. Gold standard content.

  4. George R. (verified owner)

    Good content. Sparkling presentation. Next best thing to being there!

  5. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Great finished product. Please keep them coming.

  6. Jason R. (verified owner)

    The material is put together very well. Josh takes a realistic approach to addressing potential injuries one may encounter while in the wild. Well worth the investment to learn the skills he speaks about and demonstrates. Especially if you’re unfamiliar on how to treat injuries such as broken bones and cuts. The chapter that reviews the Med kit he carries is worth the price of the videos. I don’t feel anyone would be disappointed by purchasing the material.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchases. My family and I have learned a tun and I will be attending physical classes as soon as I am allowed the ability. Thank you GBGB and all those involved. The extra miles gone to help people are very inspiring.

  8. Charlie C. (verified owner)

    Great explanation of all techniques. It’s a great starting point to learn what to do in a wilderness medical emergency.

  9. Timothy Jones (verified owner)

    Such useful information from a combat veteran that has actually used these techniques! Priceless training worth every penny! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!????????

  10. Kristopher (verified owner)

    Production quality is very good. Lessons are easy to understand without being too basic. The progression showing standardized care with the proper medical gear, to improvised care with makeshift equipment is a good format. The amount of info provided is a great place to start for building your medical kit and skills, and is miles less expensive than taking a 2-3 day in-person medical course.

  11. Jesse Royall (verified owner)

    Excellent product and excellent email support in answering question. Great to deal with people who care about the product they provide!

  12. Garry B. (verified owner)

    Great information!

  13. Rodney D. (verified owner)

    Very informative, very helpful! Thank you!

  14. nancy (verified owner)

    excellent information could help save precious time and lives

  15. Daniel Martin (verified owner)

    As with the Into the Woods course the Wilderness Medical Course is well pesented. Josh as ever is knowledgeable and concise. The demonstrations and side notes are invaluable. Well worth the price.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just getting started on what I need to know to help my family on our adventures. Great resource to keep going back to.

  17. Kevin Bryant (verified owner)

    Very well presented and very informational. Would highly recommend for hunters, campers and hikers because you never know when what you think will never happen, happens.

  18. Edward W. (verified owner)

    The content is well thought out and presented with quality in mind! You know what you are talking about.

  19. Michael M. (verified owner)

    First class instruction that covers what you could run into in the wilderness, easy to follow and understand and professionally done. Including the bloopers was the icing on the cake, too funny! I chose to get the online streaming/USB package for the convenience of online as well as to have the reference material if I was unable to get online, glad to have both.

  20. Richard Edgecomb (verified owner)

    I ordered the product. I paid for the product. You delivered the product. It is quality information that is useful to me. All is good.

  21. Preston (verified owner)


    Everything arrived in good condition! I like how you have put this info step by step to help folks who are all on different levels. Taken what is already in a kit and using it for first aid! Thank Josh!!

    Lakeland Fl

  22. ROBERT SCHNEIDER (verified owner)

    Top Shelf training. As an active duty military member who has gone through CLS and other first aid/medical training, this is hands down the best blend of application/methodology for makeshift medical solutions and professional grade. Josh’s knowledge base and instructional techniques make it not only educational but enjoyable!

  23. Mark Fields (verified owner)

    Great information, presented in a great way. As an EMT very excited to share these classes with my family and gives me some great applications in the wilderness.

  24. Michael Tenney (verified owner)

    An incredible amount of helpful, useful and critical information. Content is worth every penny. Thanks!!!

  25. Derrick Hollis (verified owner)

    J is the real deal in all things survival and emergency situations. You can’t go wrong with any of the knowledge he shares.

  26. Joshua G. (verified owner)

    All that I have come across by Joshua has been of premium quality! I reccomend his content to all my family and friends. Definitely knows his stuff!

  27. Fred Ferren (verified owner)

    Like the quality and info on the DVDs

  28. Gussie O. (verified owner)

    Got your vids in a timely manner. Just about to break the seal, open a beer and be educated ???? Thanks

  29. Bob M. (verified owner)

    I received the thumb drive! It works well on the computer. The information is spot on for the level taught. Good stuff for those not-quite EMT level but let’s you know it can go deeper.

  30. John Eldredge (verified owner)

    There is some good information for people who want to learn the basic necessities of being able to react to an emergency while out in the woods. I especially like the times when people are told the things theu shouldnt do because I feel people buy things that they would noy ever be able to put to good use… like sutures. However it also made me realize how unprepared I would be for things that I could affect and how I really only carried around an ‘owie kit’

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fun and very knowledgeable.

  32. Forrest Jones (verified owner)

    Excellent subject matter, taught by a master of the subject, in an intelligent, easily understood, manner.
    GBGB is an extremely capable instructor.

  33. Russell G. (verified owner)

    Quality product! I was a First Aid and First Responder instructor for 19 years. The Material is well paced, Examples of favoured equipment is a nice addition. This program was a good review for me with plenty of great ideas and techniques that were new to me. I highly recommend this course to all that venture out into the back country. Thank you for presenting such valuable materials!

  34. Mark Sembrat (verified owner)

    In SAR I’m always trying to keep review perishable skills. This program prevents rust and allows me to keep dated. The videos are well done and the topics are great way because physically I’m not able to work on subjects but being mentally prepared is such a plus.

  35. Blaine Poe (verified owner)

    Practical medical skills to help stabilize you until you can get back to town and better, more complete care. Recommend this completely!
    Skills are taught in a very clear and easy to grasp way! Josh has mastered the ability to teach.

  36. DAVIS SMALLWOOD (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best customer service on the planet IMHO. Had a minor problem with my order and they INSTANTLY made it right, no questions asked.

    Top notch content from a recognized expert! Everyone (camper or not) should immediately buy this package. Remember – the more you know, the less you carry.

  37. Dennis Harris (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly. Customer support was very good.

  38. frank p. (verified owner)

    Dealt with the team at Graybearded Green Beret to determine if my purchase of ”Wilderness Medical” would cover the topics I was interested in learning about. They were prompt in responding to my questions and they quickly helped me determine that the product was the right fit. The product arrived in a timely manner. The video quality and presentation are top-notch. I would recommend their products.

  39. Rowdy Wright (verified owner)

    Thank you for the quick delivery. The videos are awesome and well done.

  40. Dusty (verified owner)

    I bought this to teach my kids some wilderness first aid. Like all kids they learn easier if Mom and Dad aren’t teaching them. So with this whole Covid-19 deal it was not possible for the kids to get taught by anyone in person, so this was my solution. So far I have watched the first 2 DVDS and ordered the training materials I don’t already have. So far I like the way Josh teaches but I’m also prior Army Airborne Infantry so that’s not surprising. Will update after I and my kids watch all the lessons.????????

  41. Terrence M. (verified owner)

    Very detailed, informative and easily digested. Great lecture series, highly recommend it. Money very well spent, no buyer’s remorse. Outtakes are hysterical.

  42. Antonio Nunez Jr. (verified owner)

    Outstanding Content. Fast Shipping. This is essential information that will take your medical skills to the next level !!!!!!!!

  43. Richard (verified owner)

    Excellent production quality, content and presentation.

  44. Johan M. (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the “Wilderness Medical” training DVD’s. I will watch these over and over again to absorb all that you demonstrate and teach better. I really appreciate the clear, clearly taught and demonstrated instructions on all the DVD’s. I feel a lot more confident that in a medical emergency I will be able to handle the situation now with much more confidence. I have even purchased some of the emergency equipment that you recommended, I highly recommend these DVD’s to everyone that loves the outdoors.

  45. Jeffrey Hall (verified owner)

    This is such an amazing learning experience! His depth of knowledge, patience In his explanations, and humor make this a very fun course to take!

  46. PETER F (verified owner)

    Half way through, valuable information. Feeling more confident in dealing with emergencies.

  47. Robert H. (verified owner)

    A must have for those of us without medical training. Well done

  48. Gary Nezat (verified owner)

    It was very informative and I took away quite a bit from the class.

  49. Kevin G. (verified owner)

    A great refresher course!

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very informative and well made videos

  51. Bernard Gaskill (verified owner)

    Great content. I will be looking for training on how to use the IFAK. Thank you.

  52. Brian B. (verified owner)

    Full of information.

  53. Chandler Martin (verified owner)

    Classic, quality GB2.

  54. Gary Trail (verified owner)

    Real Information

  55. Robby F. (verified owner)

    Amazing wealth of information. I will be rewatching this series over and over again.

  56. Derek Busch (verified owner)

    Great Information to have for any outdoors man.

  57. kirk (verified owner)

    If you are a hunter, prepper, hiker or anyone else that likes to spend time or plan to spend time outdoors, this is a must have. This knowledge could save your life (or your friend’s life.)

  58. Terence F. (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  59. Jonathan O. (verified owner)

    Always a good refresher

  60. Tommy E. (verified owner)

    I purchased these along with the no-nonsense bug out videos and they all are very informative and loaded with great advice. Thanks Josh! Great Job!

  61. Michael (verified owner)

    The teaching style evidences years of experience. Josh addresses people where they are at while improving how they are with the content. Well organized, systematic, useful and practical content for the field where supplies may be limited.

  62. John Dean (verified owner)

    Another useful series that everyone should have in their library

  63. John Brandon (verified owner)

    The ONLY issue I have, is that there in no label on the USB memory stick.

    • Jesse (verified owner)

      The only film that comes with a label on the USB drive is the new Bug Out film. All future films will have a label as well, but no past films have USB labels.

  64. Cliff (verified owner)

    If your like me it will refresh your memory or teach you something you didn’t know. Thanks

  65. Robert Drake (verified owner)

    Excellent introduction to Wilderness or Travel medical techniques.

  66. Christian Rivellini (verified owner)

    After having served eight years in the army and beeing a police officer vor eleven year, I realy learnd a lot. I also learnd to build and carry the essential gear. Worth every penny! Thanks for the great work.

  67. Jacques (verified owner)

    Pleasure doing business with you.

  68. Francisco (verified owner)

    Wilderness Medical is a resource, a superb series of in-depth guidance & knowledge that needs studying & hands-on application.

    I haven’t finished the whole course yet as it will take many months of revision & rewatching over a long period of time; don’t rush it.

    I have attended Forestry First Aid courses in England, they are just a primer. Gray bearded green beret teaches you the depth. Thank you.

  69. Paul Cochrell (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time and haven’t found it until this. I’ll be watching it many times while I practice.

  70. Jacob Treichel (verified owner)

  71. Daniel Edmonds (verified owner)

    Excellent teaching. I feel more confident already on what I need to do to prepare for a trip away from the house and how to help others when no other help is available. Keep these coming!!!

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