GB2 Distance Learning Center

  • Are you interested in learning more but find it challenging to make it out to an actual physical course?
  • Maybe you are enrolled in a course and want to make the most of your training time by learning concepts before you come out to a course?
  • Maybe you have already been to a physical course but want to revisit some of the things you learned to keep your skills sharp?
  • The GB2 Distance Learning Center provides more in-depth virtual training
  • The GB2 DLC is Online Streaming Only

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Joshua Enyart

Higher Education Institutions have been using Distance Learning, or Remote Learning, to make information available and accessible to a wider audience for decades.

The GB2 Distance Learning Center is no different. The purpose of the DLC is to provide access to courses in a digital format for those who cannot make it to a course, want to get ahead on a course they are enrolled in, or want the ability to go back and reference material they have already learned.

It is an ever-expanding library of information that you can access from anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. We want you to learn, train, and be more self-reliant. We are building the DLC to make that easier than ever.

GB2 Distance Learning Center Courses

  • Please be sure to not check out as a “guest”. You will need an account to watch your courses.
  • Once your purchase is complete, please be sure you’re logged in, then click “your training” at the top of the page to access the course
  • Please note that First Aid Bleeding Module & Breaks & Sprains: Lower Extremities, are both the same as what was formerly on Thinkific
  • These modules are Not the same videos as Joshua’s film, Wilderness Medical


Coming Soon!

Principles of Survival, Bushcraft, and Preparedness
Fire Craft
Shelter Craft
Water Procurement and Disinfection
Food Procurement, Processing, and Preservation
Map Reading and Land Navigation
Emergency Signals
Tool Selection, Safety, and Use

DISCLAIMER: High Sierra Consulting, LLC, Gray Bearded Green Beret, or Joshua Enyart, does not provide any form of certification for any of our Distance Learning Center courses.

The information contained in GB2 DLC multimedia content (“Distance Learning Center Videos”) has been made available for informational purposes only.