Survival Trapping Kit

After posting some actual class footage from Flintlock I of what I carry in my survival trapping kit, I have had quite a few people request that I either make my survival trapping kit available for purchase or show where I sourced my components from. So by popular demand here are the components of my Survival Trapping Kit complete with links. 

You can find the “Survival Trapping Kit” video here:

General Components: 

5 Mechanical Fisher’s Yo-Yo Fishing Reels:

Military Trip Wire:

Thompson Survival Snares:

Packs of Peanut Butter:

Frog Gig:

Steel Rat Trap:

Bank / Trot Line Kit: 

Bank Line:

5 Leaders:

5 Hooks:

5 Split Shot:

1 Large Weight:

Survival Fishing Kit:

Rugged Waterproof Storage Container: 

Extra Braided Line:


Salmon Eggs:




Split Shot:


For some of my related videos check out: 

Improvised Speedhook Fish Trap: 

Principles of Trapping / Spring Pole Snare:

Hopefully this is what some of you were looking for. Keep the questions, comments, and requests coming and I hope to see you in the woods!

Joshua Enyart

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About Joshua Enyart

Joshua Enyart is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret specializing in emergency and tactical survival, bushcraft, and preparedness, primarily in the Woodlands and Mountains of the Eastern United States. He is the Founder and Lead Instructor for Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group, LLC and is an Instructor for the Pathfinder School, LLC, and is an Instructor for Prepper Advantage.  Joshua has also been a contributor to both ReadyMan and the American Protection Alliance, and has been a speaker at the Prepper World Summit.

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