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From The Desk Of: Joshua Enyart

Uncertainty seems to be the new normal these days. As I have said before, you cannot control what happens, you can only control your reaction to it. When normal is no longer what it once was, it is more important than ever to focus on what you can control.

Your ability to provide for your own needs, and the needs of your family, are what you can control. Your survival, and ability to be more self-reliant, really comes down to knowledge, skills, and resources.  

That is our focus here at GB2. Empowering you with knowledge, assisting you in developing critical skills, and offering nothing but field-tested and proven resources to you through our online store.

We do have quite a bit out there that is free and available to the public. That of course has its limitations. There is only so much I can share with everyone on public platforms that I do not own. That is why my films and this membership are so important, probably now more than ever. I control what I can teach because they are my films and this is my website. Nobody can choose to shut me down on a whim.

There will always be free stuff available out there from us for anyone to access, but if you are serious about your training and self-reliance, you are going to want to be a GB2 Member. 

Hope to see you on the members-only side!

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