A journey to complete self-reliance

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From Tactical to Ancestral: Empowering you to rely less on equipment and more on nature and self.

My name is Joshua Enyart, you may know me as the Gray Bearded Green Beret from YouTube. I specialize in survival, bushcraft, and preparedness, operating from the eastern woodlands and mountains of the U.S. Self-reliance instruction is not a hobby, but it’s my profession and my way of life. The skills I teach are based on field experience, not theory. I know what good is, I know what bad is, I know what’s going to work and what fails, because I have lived it. I teach from a position of experience and I can confidently say that I have earned these gray hairs.





Training To Become Less Equipment Reliant

My training philosophy recognizes that there is an inverse proportion between gear and skill. The lower your skill level – the higher your reliance on gear to keep you safe in the wilderness in an emergency. The higher your skill level – the less your need for gear. My goal as an instructor is to take you from gear-reliance and, through the development of skills, move you towards reducing your reliance on gear and become more and more self- and nature-reliant. The underlying goal is to get people off the couch and back out into the wilderness. I want you to get back in touch with your primal self and enjoy the journey, hopefully with your family and friends.


Feb 06
Winter Survival Course
Camp Chingachgook - 1872 Pilot Knob Road, Kattskill Bay, NY 12844
Apr 24
Flintlock III
Airport Road - Airport Road, Little Rock, AR
May 29
Basic Survival Course
Camp Chingachgook - 1872 Pilot Knob Road, Kattskill Bay, NY 12844

Not sure where to get started? Take a look through the knowledgebase of free content I’ve provided on YouTube and through the downloads below. I hope these help you in self-reliance journey. When you are ready to take the next step and invest in your self-reliance, sign up for a distance learning course or join me for a real training experience.

Ultralight Bug Out Bag Packing List

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Green Beret’s Layered 10 C’s of Survivability Kit with Gear Recommendations

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Emergency Kit Packing List With Links

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Resources for Plant Identification

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Forester’s Tent Bushcraft Camp Build Gear List

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Cold Weather Clothing: Your Primary Shelter

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Flintlock III

APRIL 24-26, 2020
Flintlock is the survival event you can’t miss! Join Flint & Steel’s network of world-class instructors to learn a variety of emergency survival and primitive skills. Bringing together experience gained from decades of teaching in a variety of different environments and backgrounds, this is an opportunity to learn from a the diverse group of survival schools and instructors who make up Flint & Steel. This year’s event will have 3 tracks – a general track, primitive skills and emergency skills.  
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