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The GB2 Team of Professional Instructors offer live training courses regionally across the United States. Look for us in your region and purchase your ticket now!

Top Tier Instructors

GB2 Instructors and Apprentices are recognized as some of the most professional in the industry.

World Class Instruction

The GB2 System of Training incorporates books, digital training, and live training events.

Green Beret Tested

You will only find top-quality gear that has been field-tested and approved on this site.

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Upcoming GB2 Courses

The GB2 System of Training begins with the foundational Wilderness Skills Course. It progresses by pushing you further from the need for gear to learn what natural resources you can use to craft items to provide for your needs instead during the Bushcraft Skills Course. That progression continues with the Primitive Skills Course, where you will learn how to do everything with nothing more than the clothes on your back and the resources that Mother Nature provides.

Two of the most critical skills are isolated and focused on in the Wilderness Medical and Master Navigator Courses. 

Custom Courses and Adventure Courses are also available periodically and are a great way to supplement training and gain valuable experience.

BushCraft Bundle

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Get the Bushcraft bundle at a discount.  

Gray Bearded green beret Blogs

Progression by Regression

The training system that I have developed recognizes that there is an inversely proportionate relationship between gear and skills. That is just a fancy way

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Water is Life

Water really is life, so being able to get clean water in the backcountry is a huge priority. It is an immediate need. Generally speaking,

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