Instructor Bio: Kelly Magelby

Instructor Bio Kelly Magelby

Kelly is a highly skilled practitioner of primitive and desert skills with a heavy focus and specialization in primitive pottery. She has been practicing and teaching primitive pottery for more than a decade with a focus on the ancient southwest styles. Kelly uses harvested wild clay, organic plant based or mineral paints and pit fires with wood in an Anasazi-style trench kiln. 

Her inspiration comes from the landscape that the materials come from and continue to be part of… as well as the ancient people that were connected to the land and knew it intimately. She believes that when the pots are made with a focus on this connection the vessels become an echo of the landscape as well as a creative expression of the potter who shapes it. 

Sharing this knowledge and helping people interact with their environment in a healthy and natural way is one of her main goals. Kelly lives in Utah with her two daughters. She travels and teaches at various earth skills gatherings and private classes in the west, and recently started the new Elkhorn gathering in Boulder, UT.