Instructor Bio: Kirsten Rechnitz

Instructor Bio Kirsten Rechnitz
Kirsten Rechnitz holds B.A. degrees from Vanderbilt University in Political Science and Cognitive Anthropology, and has been studying wilderness living and outdoor survival for decades. Her expertise lies in the arid Southwest, where the environment can change substantially within a day’s trek; from high desert terrain and imposing slick-rock canyons to mountainous ridge tops with bounteous ponderosa pines, and the speckling of precious lakes, creeks and springs.

Kirsten worked as a Senior Instructor for the Boulder Outdoor Survival School where she instructed 7-, 14-, and 28-day survival expeditions. She draws her inspiration from the beauty of the elements and their powerful ways. In addition, she was a founding member of the Flint & Steel Critical Skills Group collaborative project alongside Joshua Enyart (Gray Bearded Green Beret).

Kirsten has showcased her immense level of skill in the full-length film entitled Into the Desert which is available on the GB2 website and is highly recommended. Some excerpts from that film have been featured on the GB2 YouTube Channel.