GB2 Fatwood Shavings

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GB2 Fatwood Shavings

Fatwood is mainly found in dead pine tree limbs and stumps. Fatwood contains a high concentration of resin. Our Fatwood Shavings burn hotter and longer. They are also wind and moisture resistant. Gray Bearded Green Beret shavings are 100% natural, processed with care by a small business in Georgia (United States), and are very rich in resin.

Fatwood, also known as “fat lighter”, “lighter wood”, “rich lighter”, “pine knot”, “lighter knot”, is derived from the heartwood and branch junctions of pine trees, typically after the limb or tree dies. The resin-soaked wood decomposes at a slower rate than the surrounding sapwood, and reveals the fatwood underneath.

Each custom tin is hand-packed by GB2 staff. Tins are reusable as a charring and storage tin, or can be used for storing small items.

made in the USA

WARNING: The combustion of wood, charcoal and other fuels can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide and soot, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.  For more information go to

What is fatwood?

Fatwood is resin-soaked wood found naturally most commonly in pine.

Are fatwood shavings a suitable emergency tinder resource?

Yes, fatwood shavings have a very long burn time and will still work when wet.

Where are the fatwood shavings made?

Our fatwood shavings are processed in Georgia and hand packed at our warehouse in Upstate NY.

39 reviews for GB2 Fatwood Shavings

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Only issue is that the tin opened during shipment, but I was able to recover almost all of the shavings. Maybe use a more secure closure in the future. Nothing wrong with the shaving themselves, the product takes a spark and ignites every time.

  2. Garry B. (verified owner)

    Cost less then gas to get my own

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great. It shipped very quickly and arrived with suprising quality.

  4. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Caught fire easily just as it was intended to do!

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Small and easy to keep with you. Worth the price!!

  6. Michael M. (verified owner)

    Fired up with a Bic lighter and burned good

  7. William Comeau (verified owner)

    This is great for fire starting or building your ember when using a bow drill.

  8. James Edwards (verified owner)

    Great price and service!

  9. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    I don’t have any fat wood in my area, and having these shavings is a great help in starting a fire. I would highly recommend this to anyone who does not have easy access to fat wood.

  10. Marc (verified owner)

    The tin was packed with great fatwood shavings.

  11. George A. (verified owner)

    Good product!! Starts me off till i secure some of my own and I have a nice tin for future use

  12. Micheal Wallace (verified owner)

    Nice little tin for the go-kit, whether for bug out or adventuring outdoors.

  13. Frank P. (verified owner)

    Very quality product and excellent service

  14. Jesse (verified owner)

    Quality shavings!!

  15. Noreen (verified owner)

    Excellent product for my bug out bag!

  16. Tommy E. (verified owner)

    I purchased this along with the mini inferno kit and I am glad that I did. It’s another great product!!

  17. Frank (verified owner)

  18. Jamie R. (verified owner)

    Nice little compact box!

  19. john (verified owner)

    it works thank you!!

  20. Casey Campbell (verified owner)

  21. Lewis Eckhardt (verified owner)

    I added these as another source of fire starting. I’m not sure I can find the right kind of trees in Colorado to get my own.

  22. Will J. (verified owner)

    Valuable resource that comes in a handy tin…double win.

  23. Devin (verified owner)

    I live in an area where fatwood is difficult to find, so I’m greatful for this!

  24. Jonathan Dawe (verified owner)

    lights with a spark and smells good too!

  25. Richard (verified owner)

  26. Brandon Ihde (verified owner)

    I have never even seen Garwood in person before.

  27. RICHARD SCHUYLER (verified owner)

  28. Steven Wood (verified owner)

    These shavings work great. Start a fire in a hurry.

  29. Mark Vasquez (verified owner)

  30. darwin lalonde (verified owner)

  31. William Forsyth (verified owner)

    I am glad to have it as a part of my fire kit.

  32. Travis (verified owner)

  33. javi200db (verified owner)

    I took this to Mongolia that even on a summer night is cold mid to low 40’s and it worked great. Even the locals where asking what it was….AWESOME…and that is why I just ordered 2 more!

  34. Javier (verified owner)

    Like I posted before I took this product to Mongolia and worked great. This post is because I order two more to have in my cars bag.
    Get more than one, you will use them and it will work

  35. Dustin (verified owner)

    Perfect in your fire kit.

  36. Ronald (verified owner)

  37. Dustin (verified owner)

  38. Michael Paz (verified owner)

    Great box and fat wood for carrying into the woods.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to use this yet.

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