Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint and Steel Kit

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Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint and Steel Kit

This Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint and Steel Kit comes complete with the famous Hudson Bay Tobacco Tin with 6 power magnifier, a piece of flint, a steel striker, char cloth, and jute. The striker is not hand forged but it is guaranteed to throw good sparks when paired with proper technique.

The Hudson Bay Tobacco Box was copied from a museum original. It was a very popular trade item stocked by Hudson Bay Company, Northwest Company and many others during the fur trade era. It comes with a high quality 6 power magnifier to light pipes and camp fires, and has a friction fit lid and lens cover.

Although it was originally intended to store pipe tobacco and offer a means of lighting a woodsman’s pipe, it likely quickly found favor on the frontier and trapline as a perfectly sized container for flint and steel fire kits. It offers plenty of storage space for specialty tinder that is commonly used with traditional flint and steel fire making. Any of those same tinder resources could be easily lit with the lens on a sunny day, making this the perfect traditional fire kit container.

This piece of history still has the same favor among many woodsmen, bush crafters, and survivalists.

This Hudson Bay Tobacco Box is made of brass and measures 4-5/16″ x 3″ x 1-3/16″.


This Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint and Steel Kit combines our popular Hudson Bay Tobacco Box with our Flint and Steel Kit, and has a smaller version of the Glass Magnifying Lens. It’s like three products in one and is an incredible value.


Please note that you should not place this Tobacco Box in the fire to char material. It will damage the lens and brass and ruin the tin. Use a separate Charring and Storage Tin for making char and store it in the HB Tobacco Box.

  • Hudson Bay Tobacco Box with 6 Power Magnifier
  • High Quality Flint
  • Steel Striker
  • Char Cloth
  • Jute

made in the USA

Is the Hudson Bay Tobacco Tin a good size for a Fire Kit?

Yes, it is commonly used as a fire kit.

What is the Hudson Bay Tobacco Box made of?

The tobacco tin is made of brass with a glass magnifying lens.

What is the strength of the lens?

The lens is a 6-power magnifying lens which works well for solar fire starting.

17 reviews for Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint and Steel Kit

  1. Philip Palmer (verified owner)

    Hudson Bay Tobacco Box Flint & Steel Kit throws great sparks and will built. anything Joshua recommends on his site I can trust because he has deftly tested it.

  2. John D. (verified owner)

    Worked very well !

  3. Will J. (verified owner)

    Love the multi-functionality of this item. Classy too.

  4. Devin (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful kit. I love the look of the tobacco box and the practicality of the kit kept in it. Definitely happy with this purchase.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure doing business with GB2, high quality merchandise and fast service.

  7. Jerry (verified owner)

    Very nice! I’m glad I bought it. The steel striker is huge. It’s AWESOME! Thanks GB2!

  8. Jeffrey Gilpatric (verified owner)

    Great addition to my gear. Everything in one place, perfect.

  9. Josh Ables (verified owner)

    It was smaller than what I expected but that turned out to be a plus for me. This flint and steel kit has become my favorite way to start a fire. The tin is great quality. I highly recommend this product. Eight years of military experience and I’m an avid outdoorsman. I have five children and I stay in the woods with them as much as possible. So my gear gets used a lot. Plus this is an item that I’m proud to pass down to my kids after they put me in the ground.

  10. Rod Yewell (verified owner)

  11. Todd O. (verified owner)

  12. Robert Jones (verified owner)

    Great kit! Used to make a fire in the fire pit. Can’t wait to take it out in the woods.

  13. Dustin (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful well functioning kit. Great job GB2!

  14. Remi K. (verified owner)

  15. Dustin (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Everything works as expected. Great great combination.

  17. Billy S. (verified owner)

    A truly well-made and well thought out fire starting kit!

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