Surviving the Wild

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A great guide for foundational wilderness skills!

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Surviving the Wild: Essential Bushcraft and First Aid Skills for Surviving the Great Outdoors

The Ultimate Bushcraft Survival Guide

“If you are serious about survival, this book is required reading.” ―Alan Kay, winner of Alone, season 1 (History Channel) and coauthor of Decline and Decay: Strategies for Surviving the Coming Unpleasantness

Former Special Forces Operator and Instructor, Joshua Enyart, provides essential skills and a step-by-step wilderness survival strategy in his debut bushcraft book, Surviving the Wild.

A bushcraft bible and field guide. If you found yourself suddenly thrust into the wild without any modern conveniences like electricity, running water, wi-fi, or Google―would you know what to do? In a pandemic induced post-apocalypse, do you know what your first priority should be? If your caving, camping, or hiking adventure goes haywire, how would you ensure your survival? Written by a former Army Ranger and Green Beret, this survival book provides crucial information alongside a logical, systems-based approach to survival and preparedness.

Navigation, tools, first aid, and other survival strategies for the outdoors. Consider this your essential survival guidebook to making it in the wild. With it you’ll learn how to outmaneuver immediate threats, find shelter and nutrition, and navigate to where you want to go. Part first aid book, part survival handbook, Surviving the Wild contains chapters of information on making the most of minimal supplies, finding safe water, and above all―survival!

Look inside and you’ll find:

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Mango (July 13, 2021)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 424 pages
  • Weight: 1 lb., 9.4 oz.
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1642505439
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1642505436
  • A foreword from bestselling bushcraft author Dave Canterbury
  • Survival medicine and edible plant identification
  • Instructions on how to build a fire, catch game, make a shelter, and more!


“Survival instructors are akin to heart surgeons: you want the very best. Joshua Enyart is the best I know. He is truly a subject matter expert. If you are serious about survival, this book is required reading.”
―Alan Kay, winner of Alone season 1 (History Channel), coauthor of Decline and Decay: Strategies for Surviving the Coming Unpleasantness
“Josh’s diverse background and real-life experiences give this survival manual its extra edge. Josh covers the basics we all need to know, and then adds breadth and depth for each subject, giving the reader the option to learn what the experts know. The first aid chapter alone may save your or someone else’s life. Excellent for everyone from novices to skilled instructors, this should be an active part of everyone’s library.”
Nicole Apelian, PhD, veteran of two seasons of Alone on the History Channel, coauthor of A Reference Guide to Surviving Nature and The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies
“Training is important, be it for work or survival. The better your instructors, the better the training. Josh Enyart has the bona fides that prove his skills as one of the best in the business. With a background as a Green Beret, he has been there and done it under the most austere environments on Earth and survived it. That is the basis for real training. Take advantage of his mistakes and successes when it’s easy, in class. Surviving the Wild is a great tool to do just that. It’s a valuable addition to any survival library.”
Chris Weatherman (AKA Angry American), author of the USA Today bestselling Survivalist Series, primitive skills and modern survival techniques instructor with over thirty years experience

About the Author

Joshua Enyart, also known as The Gray Bearded Green Beret, is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret turned professional wilderness skills instructor, specializing in the woodlands and the mountains of the eastern United States. He has completed over a dozen tours of duty as a Special Forces Operator, on both active duty and as a private military contractor. Enyart has been a member of two Army Special Operations command units, an instructor for the Air Force and Marines branches, as well as a member of Air Force Special Operations command, Marine Corps Special Operations command, and even Naval Special Warfare. He is the creator of the popular YouTube channel The Gray Bearded Green Beret, and currently resides in the Adirondack Mountains.

40 reviews for Surviving the Wild

  1. apoage0

    Amazing and complete guide to survival. Of the many survival books I own, this one stands above the rest!

  2. Jacob Treichel (verified owner)

  3. Jeffrey Gilpatric (verified owner)

    I don’t usually read alot of books, however, this book is a terrific book. Very well put together and written. Haven’t finished my copy yet, taking my time to let it all sink in.

  4. Willem Van Hulst (verified owner)

  5. Danny Lewis (verified owner)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed Joshua’s new book. The information is spot on. Thank you

  6. Steve Brinkert (verified owner)

    Informative and entertaining, enjoyed reading the book. My only complaint is that some of the pictures were dark and hard to see. Overall it’s a great book well worth the time and money.

  7. Phillip (verified owner)

    Awesome Book. Highly recommend.

  8. Gregory H. (verified owner)

    I only have been through about half of the book, but from the first half it is an excellent source of information presented in a clear and easy to learn manner.

  9. James D. (verified owner)

    Superb reference book obviously written by a master of the craft. Greatly appreciate all the attention to detail and simplicity. James

  10. Elvy (verified owner)

    Great book!! A lot of information and well written, making it an easy read. It also has a lot of good photos to help explain what he’s talking about. If you enjoy the outdoors you will like this book whether you are experienced or not. I rank this book in there with some of the Nessmuk books I’ve read, a lot of practical information written from someone who has put it into practice. I recommend getting this book.

  11. Brian Taylor (verified owner)

    Great collection of techniques and skills useful in a variety of wilderness situations, whether rudimentary camping by choice or forced to survive through an exigent or emergency situation.

  12. Joe Constante (verified owner)

    Received the book real fast and in good condition. Purchasing online was easy. The price was reasonable. I am still reading the book but so far I do like the content. The subjects are easy to understand and follow although my back ground is Army Engineer. The only con would be that the images/photos are black and white and some are not very clear.

  13. Amy Dials (verified owner)

    Educational and written for clueless and experienced people. Love my copy!

  14. Thomas (verified owner)

    Informative book by an author who has “been there and done that!”

  15. Scott H. (verified owner)

    Very well written. It is apparent that Joshua is an experienced and skilled trainer.

  16. Richard Hale (verified owner)

    Content is without a doubt the best but the photos could have been clearer.

  17. John D. (verified owner)

    Awesome resource! I love that I can pick it up and get right to a specific task.

  18. Dan Seguin (verified owner)

    Quick responsive service n ship!

  19. Les R. (verified owner)

  20. Nikolaos (verified owner)

    Excellent resource and a must have addition for the library of all self-reliant individuals. Keep up the fire!

  21. Dennis Hanson (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery, great read.

  22. Bryan (verified owner)

    Great book with a lot of knowledge in the pages. Keep a copy in your bug out bag!

  23. Pat B. (verified owner)

    Great book! Still reading it!

  24. Tom (verified owner)

    great training advice, some of the pictures would be better in color

  25. Merlin (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying this book. I especially like how Mr. Enyart covers each topic and puts his own spin on everything. It is an easy read, and well written. Great Job!

  26. Gregory Washburn (verified owner)

  27. Robert (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and the video was a great introduction to the basic bushcraft training.

  28. Jay C. (verified owner)

    Information in this text is priceless and a must-read for anyone wanting to learn the skills and learn the properly.

    Having said that though, the printer could have done a much better job producing the illustrative photographs in the book. Folks that learn through visualization will find this a bit of a hindrance.

    All in all, very much worth the purchase price.

  29. Dan (verified owner)

    great book!!!

  30. Robert (verified owner)

    Great read, thanks for your service as well !
    Have a great day !

  31. Kenneth Barre (verified owner)

    Follow Up; there isn’t any other person or group I’d want to follow.

  32. Brooks Frederick (verified owner)

  33. Nicholas Stowell (verified owner)

    This book is one of the most comprehensive and yet fully loaded guides I’ve ever read, Joshua has a excellent skill for teaching, in person and in the written word, I highly recommend this book to everyone who has a desire to better their knowledge of wilderness living.

  34. michael linnehan (verified owner)

    I like the book as I read I’m building up my supplies Please keep up the Strong work ethics

  35. Steven Wood (verified owner)

    This is one great book. Hard to put it down. Full of valuable information. So many things to learn. Love it!

  36. Bennett (verified owner)

    As always received quickly and as promised.

  37. thrasherknives (verified owner)

    Content of the book is great. The pictures are very dark and hard to see, however. Definitely would have been a 5 star otherwise.

    • Joshua (store manager)

      The pictures were made black and white because it is an industry preference for overseas printers which are a large part of the global market for the book and overseas markets don’t have the budget we do as Americans (for printing or purchasing as a consumer). The cost of printing over 400 images in color would have raised the price of the book significantly and had everyone complaining about the price of the book instead of the black and white images. This book is 80,000 words with 400 images already. It’s the size of two books from other authors which are usually 40k words and some line art, so the cost was already getting too high. The Kindle version has full color photos because there is no printing cost associated with that. There were a handful of photos that came out dark, the vast majority of them are easy enough to see. Most of the dark ones are just supplementary to the information in text and not even necessary, could have just as easily been left out. It is a book and not a magazine, after all.

  38. Eric

    Hands down one of the best, well written and thought out books on survival and wilderness skills I have ever read. Joshua’s book is an absolute MUST for those heading into the wilderness.

  39. Eric

    I have an extensive “survival library” and I can undoubtedly say that this book is by far one of the best books in my collection. The book has an excellent flow to it and is incredibly well written. Josh breaks down the survival priorities in such a way that wether you’re a novice or experienced this book will serve you well.

  40. William Mrdeza (verified owner)

    I have been practicing primitive skills off and on for quite some time now. I just finished “Surviving the Wild” and found the explanations to be very clear and logical for any reader looking to learn more about spending time outdoors, whether it is someone new to the idea of primitive skills, or the seasoned practitioner. There is something in this book for everyone regardless of skill level. I found a number of new ideas and tips to incorporate into my own practice. Highly recommended and hope to see future books which incorporate this same level of easily understood detailed explanation applied to topics dealing with more advanced material. Thank you for such a valued addition to my dirt time practice and to my reference library!

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