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GB2 Jaeger Puukko by 3 Dog Knives

GB2 Jaeger Puukko by 3 Dog Knives

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Product Highlights

• N690 Bohler Stainless Steel
• G10 Scales
• Titanium Barrel Pins
• Custom Leather Sheath
• Superior Edge Retention
• Excellent Corrosion Resistance
• Saber Grind with 90 Degree Spine
• Overall Length: 8 1/4”
• Blade Length: 4 1/4”
• Blade Width: 3/16”
• Blade Height: 1 1/8”
• Weight: 10.15 oz with sheath

Introducing the GB2 Jaeger Puukko by 3 Dog Knives - a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation. This exceptional knife is meticulously crafted with top-grade contemporary elements to deliver unmatched performance in the field.

Constructed with N690 Bohler Steel, renowned for its exceptional edge retention and fine-grained texture, the GB2 Jaeger Puukko ensures that your blade stays sharp through time and multiple uses. This cobalt-enriched stainless steel is a testament to the commitment to quality and durability that 3 Dog Knives embodies.

But the GB2 Jaeger Puukko doesn't stop there. It also features G10 Scales, providing a secure and comfortable grip even in the most demanding conditions. This knife is designed to withstand the rigors of survival and bushcraft activities, making it the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

One of the standout features of the GB2 Jaeger Puukko is its sharpened 90-degree spine and exposed tang. This unique design allows for versatile use, whether it's striking a ferro rod to start a fire or scraping bark for tinder. The GB2 Jaeger Puukko is not just a hunting knife; it's a tool that empowers you to thrive in the wilderness.

Crafted in collaboration between GB2 and 3DK, this knife is the result of a partnership that combines the expertise and experience of two renowned brands. Inspired by the exceptional performance of the 3DK Multiple Animal Knife (MAK), the GB2 Jaeger Puukko takes the best features of the MAK and combines them with the iconic GB2 Puukko design.

To complete this exceptional package, the GB2 Jaeger Puukko comes with a premium, custom-made leather sheath. This sheath not only protects your knife but also adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor gear.

Proudly made by our friends at 3DK in Alaska, USA, the GB2 Jaeger Puukko is a testament to the dedication to quality and craftsmanship that defines 3 Dog Knives. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a weekend warrior, this knife is the perfect companion for your outdoor pursuits.

Elevate your outdoor experience with the GB2 Jaeger Puukko - the epitome of performance, durability, and style. Embrace the spirit of the wilderness and equip yourself with a knife that's built to conquer any challenge.

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Customer Reviews

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Rod Yewell

Absolutely love this knife.

Harlan Hair

I keep taking it out of the sheath and look at it. I do this when no one is looking. I have never had a knife like this before. Amazing knife❗️❗️❗️Also, the medical and bushcraft videos are very useful, Ann and I greatly appreciate them. We are looking forward working more with the Gray Beard team. 👍🏻😃

Robert Miller

This is really a wonderful knife. Out of the box ready to work. I stropped it very little and was hair-pooping ready. This is a tool ready to work! Thank you for the opportunity to have purchased the highest quality kit. It is a real minefield of lesser gear. It has been a blessing to have found your training and store. Making purchases online is hard but not if it's in the GB2 store.