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GB2 Metsä Puukko by HoboForge

GB2 Metsä Puukko by HoboForge

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Product Highlights

• Blade Length: 4.25”
• Overall Length: 8.5”
• Blade Thickness: 1/8”
• 1095 High Carbon Steel with Hammered Finish
• Grind: Scandinavian
• Made by HoboForge in North Carolina

IMPORTANT NOTE: Metsa Puukkos are hand-made and made to order and in extremely high-demand. Please allow a 2-4 week lead time for these orders to be fulfilled. Thank you in advance for understanding. We will take every measure we can to fill your order as it comes in.

Introducing the GB2 Metsä Puukko by HoboForge, a remarkable utility knife designed by the renowned Joshua Enyart, also known as the Gray Bearded Green Beret. Originally crafted for his personal field usage, this knife's exceptional versatility has made it a favorite among wilderness enthusiasts across North America.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each GB2 Metsä Puukko features a single, continuously curved blade with a Scandinavian grind, a flat spine, and a full tang. This traditional Finnish-style belt knife is renowned for its slicing, cutting, and wood carving capabilities. The blade, traditionally the width of one's palm, allows for precise control and effortless handling.

One of the unique features of the GB2 Metsä Puukko is its lack of a finger guard. Seasoned knife users appreciate this design choice, as it allows for a more natural slicing motion. As you become more skilled in knife handling, you'll find that this feature enhances your control and precision.

Crafted with pride by our friends at HoboForge in North Carolina, USA, each GB2 Metsä Puukko undergoes rigorous craftsmanship and quality checks. To ensure your satisfaction, this knife comes with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and a lifetime sharpening service. You can trust that your GB2 Metsä Puukko will be a reliable companion for all your outdoor adventures.

To complement the knife's exceptional quality, the GB2 Metsä Puukko comes with a high-quality leather sheath, handcrafted by our friends at JRE Industries in Illinois, USA. These sheaths are designed to protect your knife and ensure easy and secure carrying. Please note that the sheath in the product photos has been wet-formed, but yours will arrive ready for you to wet-form and condition to your liking.

It's important to note that each GB2 Metsä Puukko is made by hand, meaning that your knife may vary slightly from the one pictured. The unique hammer marks and wood grain on each knife make it truly one-of-a-kind, adding to its charm and individuality.

Before using your GB2 Metsä Puukko, it's crucial to understand how to properly maintain and care for your knife. Regular oiling will keep the blade in optimal condition, ensuring its longevity and performance. Additionally, wet-forming and conditioning your leather sheath will provide a custom fit and securely protect your knife.

Please remember that the GB2 Metsä Puukko does not have a finger guard or ricasso and is not intended for stabbing or thrusting. It requires skilled knife handling to ensure safe usage. The user assumes all risks and is responsible for using the knife safely and properly.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and versatility of the GB2 Metsä Puukko by HoboForge. Embrace the spirit of the wilderness with a knife that embodies tradition, quality, and reliability. Order yours today and embark on your next outdoor adventure with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Arrived shaving sharp. Spine is sharp, too, which adds useful capabality to this knife. The handle is comfortable and fills my grip nicely. The exposed tang is well out of the way of the heel of my hand. This is not a small knife: it has a longer blade and fuller handle when compared to Hobo Forge's EDC puukko for anyone wondering, as I did, what the difference is. This is a skillfully made knife, much more so than you might think based on the rustic appearance. The handle is especially impressive--it's not easy to make something this comfortable. The blade is thick enough that you can baton with it if you wanted to but the blade is tall so the bevel narrows down to an acute cutting edge. 1095 steel isn't sexy nowadays but it gets beautifully sharp and comes back easily with a little work. Just a really well-done knife. Congrats GB2 and Hobo Forge.

Dave Y.

I have far too many knives but this knife has to be one of the very best. I can't wait to put it into regular daily use.

Tim Jones

Great durable product. Would definitely but again! Thanks

Robert Miller

As with all GB2 products, highest quality.

Garrett Haines

If you're reading, you're probably wondering, "Is this knife worth it?" Of course, we all have different decision criteria, so rather than say 'yes' or 'no,' I'll share my experiences.

Each Hobo Forge knife is hand crafted by an artisan. Consider the blade's temper, the bespoke handle etching, and edge geometry - these are as far from mass-produced as possible. Further, these are made to specifications exclusive to GB2. You won't find this model anywhere else.

Function. Excalibur called; it's jealous of this Metsä Puukko's sharpness. Be careful at first; mine cut through maple as if the wood were Styrofoam. The shape mimics the arc of human motion. Spears can be straight -their job is stab stab. But work knives slice, and a straight blade will never be as smooth or controllable compared to this Hobo Forge design. (Consider the Japanese katana, which proves to be a better slicing weapon compared to the European broadsword. Different needs for different battle conditions, but the tool serves the user's requirements).

Results. Try sticks, feather boards, and stakes are easy and, dare I say, enjoyable with the Metsä Puukko. If you have fun, you're more likely to practice. The more you practice, the more likely you will have skills in a pressure situation. (We regress to our highest level of mastery under stress.) Living in an urban area, I can't exactly hunt every day, but I was able to remove the skin from a slab of salmon with a precision that would please a sushi chef. No waste, no hacked meat. This thing is accurate and sharp.

Upkeep. I've been aggressive in testing and (controlled) abuse. There has been no need to sharpen or hone the edge. Stropping keeps it scalpel-sharp. Adding a very light coat of oil protects the metal, and that's it. This is not a high-maintenance blade, provided you are conscientious.

Price. Each Hobo Forge blade is custom-made. No two are precisely identical. You'll be able to pick yours out in a lineup like it's a relative. Compare a local hardware hatchet to something from Council Tools. When human hands contribute to the creation, the quality shows. Compared to MoraKniv, the Hobo Forge blade may seem extravagant. However, MoraKniv is a purple cow; they combine quality at a price that makes no sense. To be clear, I'm not disparaging MoraKniv. I use several myself. From the affordable 510 to the Garberg, their products will conquer almost any bushcraft task. However, they are tools and, in some sense, disposable. The Metsä Puukko lives in entirely higher strata. I've purchased almost three dozen blades in search of my field knife. Trust me, this Hobo Forge model should list at $499, with $399 being considered a 'good price.' To provide an analogy, if you walk into a Honda dealership, you'll find workhorse vehicles that serve you well. Now imagine that a Range Rover happens to be in the showroom. The price will shock you. But the autos are not equivalent. The Range Rover is no passenger sedan -it's a well-crafted workhorse. My brother-in-law still uses his 1984 Range Rover, racking over 400,000 miles. Quality lasts. You'll be able to hand this knife down as a family heirloom. I doubt that is the case with most bushcraft knives.

I can't presume to tell you how to allocate your hard-earned cash. But if I had all the money I've spent buying mass-produced offerings, I could have two Metsä Puukkos and money for two GB2 courses. I always tell people, ' buy once, cry once.' I wish I had followed my own advice.

In my mind, the question isn't should I or shouldn't I buy a Hobo Forge blade, instead, do I want the regular or mini.