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GB2 Tinder Tabs Emergency Tinder

GB2 Tinder Tabs Emergency Tinder

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• Eight GB2 Tinder Tabs per tin
• 2 3/4" X 1 5/8" Metal Slide-top storage tin
• Weight: 1.25 ounces

Introducing GB2 Tinder Tabs, the ultimate fire starter for all your emergency needs! These scientifically-designed tabs are here to save the day when you find yourself in a tough situation.

With GB2 Tinder Tabs, you can quickly catch and provide a reliable source of heat for up to 4 minutes. Perfect for those low-quality tinder situations that need a little extra assistance to get that fire going. Each tab is treated with a specialized waterproof coating, ensuring their effectiveness even in damp conditions. In fact, these tabs have been tested to light damp tinder within 15-30 seconds, giving you a quick and efficient fire-starting solution.

Inside each tin, you'll find 8 compact and lightweight tabs, making them incredibly easy to carry with you wherever you go. And speaking of the tin, it's not just for storing the tabs. The reusable tin features a sliding top, making it a versatile tool that can also serve as a container for charring material, storing small items, or even as a fishing or sewing kit. It's like having a multi-purpose survival tool right in your pocket!

When it comes to emergency preparedness, GB2 Tinder Tabs are a must-have. We highly recommend keeping a tin of these tabs and a lighter in every emergency kit and vehicle, including ATVs and boats. Be ready for any storm or survival situation that comes your way.

And if you're looking for even more versatility in your emergency situations, pair these Tinder Tabs with GB2 Fatwood Shavings. Together, they make an unbeatable combination to help you conquer any firecraft challenge.

Please note, as with any fire-related product, it's important to exercise caution. The combustion of wood, charcoal, and other fuels can expose you to chemicals, including carbon monoxide and soot. For more information, please visit

Don't wait for an emergency to strike before you realize the importance of a reliable fire starter. Get your hands on GB2 Tinder Tabs today, and be prepared for anything that comes your way. Winter storms, camping trips, or any survival situation, these tabs have got you covered. Get yours now and experience the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

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WARNING: The combustion of wood, charcoal and other fuels can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide and soot, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Michael Paz

Awesome tinder tabs to have in the car or bag at all times.


These are great!


Plenty of tabs for emergency tinder!


What I love about these is how compact the kit is. Often man made tinder and fire starters will take up more space in a kit.


Although fatwood shavings catch a spark from a ferrocerium rod very quickly, there is the potential for scattering them, or trying to use them in a wind. The GB2 tinder tabs don't have that problem, and light quickly from sparks.