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Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out Part IV: Bug Out Bag Digital PDF

Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out Part IV: Bug Out Bag Digital PDF

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40 Full Color Pages with Images
Linked Gear Recommendations
Updated for 2024

Introducing the ultimate companion for all survival enthusiasts - the Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out Part IV: Bug Out Bag Digital PDF! 

Embark on a journey of preparedness with this 40-page full-color PDF guide, designed by the renowned Green Beret himself. Discover the secrets behind his twice-viral Ultralight Bug Out Bag video on YouTube, a true authority in the realm of survival. This digital gem is a must-have for anyone looking to master the art of bug out bags and emergency preparedness.

What sets this digital PDF apart is its comprehensive breakdown of what to pack in your bug out bag, meticulously detailed with gear recommendations that are second to none. Whether you're a seasoned survivalist or just starting out, this guide is your roadmap to readiness.

Updated for 2024, this edition ensures you are equipped with the latest insights and innovations in the world of bug out bags. From fire kits to first aid essentials, from water purification to navigation tools, this guide covers it all. Plus, don't miss out on the tips for comfort items that can make all the difference in a crisis.

Don't wait for an emergency to strike - arm yourself with the knowledge and expertise found in the Green Beret's Bug Out Bag Digital PDF. Your preparedness journey starts here.

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Customer Reviews

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One bag approach

Very easy read, simple to duplicate and apply the teaching. Helps you to think through your needs that do not include the kitchen sink!

Reading material

Bug out bags ,a topic that has been hashed out on the WWW for years, spouses sleep in separate rooms ,forums are divided like the civil war, friends no longer speak,and probably a thousand different books have been written on the subject 😁
Well ,this one is different,it actually makes thought provoking,not a late night infomercial for the latest and greatest gadget from China that will fail at the first opportunity.
The Ebook is well laid out , structured for ease of locating specific topics,easily understood,and while the author does have product examples listed and on his site for purchase ,I don't feel it's over the top compared to other authors.
In closing,I like the Epub ,can read at my convenience, quickly scroll to a specific topic,or quick reference when needed, doesn't take up much space on my phone,and it's always with me.


Great video and training