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Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out (Streaming)

Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out (Streaming)

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Product Highlights

• Definitions of Survival, Bushcraft, Preparedness
• Survival Priorities
• PACE Plans
• Bugging In vs. Bugging Out
• Baseline Bug Out Bag Packing List
• Urban Supplemental Kit
• Cold Weather Supplemental Kit
• Cache Containers
• Resupply Caches
• Replacement BOB Caches
• Emplacing, Servicing, Recovering Caches
• Navigational Aids
• Hasty Solar Navigation
• Securing Water Discreetly
• Dakota Fire Pit
• Natural and Opportunistic Shelters
• Knots and Poncho Shelters
• Medical Supplemental Kit
• Camouflage and Concealment Supplemental Kit
• Tactical Supplemental Kit
• Firearms Discussion
• Runtime: 270 Minutes in 1080HD

Introducing "Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out" - a captivating full-length film that will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to be better prepared for any emergency.

Developed by Joshua Enyart, a former Army Ranger and Green Beret turned Survival, Bushcraft, and Preparedness Instructor, this film brings you a comprehensive system of preparedness that combines military training and wilderness skills. With over 4.5 hours of bug-out skills, this is a must-watch for anyone looking to enhance their preparedness.

In this film, you will learn how to develop realistic plans for emergencies, including when to "bug in" or "bug out." Joshua provides guidance on identifying your needs and equipping yourself with essential resources such as fire, shelter, water, food, and first aid. Whether you live in an urban or cold-weather environment, you'll discover specific recommendations tailored to your surroundings.

But it's not just about having the right equipment - Joshua goes beyond that. He shares practical instructions on how to use your resources effectively, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills to make the most of your bug-out bag. You'll learn how to lighten your load by strategically staging caches along your routes and hiding them to minimize the risk of discovery.

Enhancing your mobility is crucial during emergencies, and Joshua reveals tried-and-true navigation techniques for rapid cross-country movement. You'll also learn how to safely procure water on the move and quickly make it safe to drink. Plus, he shares invaluable techniques for creating "stealth fires" and "stealth shelters" to reduce the chance of being seen by others.

As a special bonus, Joshua provides an in-depth discussion of his tactical supplemental kits, as well as his firearms and caliber choices for various protection scenarios, including close-range, mid-range, and long-range. He also delves into home defense strategies to ensure you are well-prepared in all situations.

"Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out" closely follows the Gray Bearded Green Beret Individual Preparedness Course curriculum, making it an excellent resource for those who haven't yet experienced the course. With Joshua's real-world experience, this film offers invaluable insights and practical skills that will empower you and your family to be vastly more prepared than the majority of people in the world.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert. Stream "Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out" now and embark on your journey towards becoming better prepared for any emergency.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Marco Desiderio


Jason E.

Essential Information and Thoughtfully Presented!

Steve Chasen

Josh you run a great business, everything I have purchased has been top notch quality and was exactly as described.

I have purchased an online course which was informative and easy to understand.
Josh is a great instructor.

I plan on going through several more online videos and I’m waiting for some courses on-site in Maine.

I have recommended the gray bearded green beret to all my buddies.

Duane Barson

Comprehensive, thorough, very useful and well done. Highly recommend it.

Gary T.

After watching this video series I can see all the mistakes that I made putting together my bug out bag. Carrying everything but the kitchen sink on your back isn't the way to go!