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Master Navigator Course

Master Navigator Course

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Date and Venue

Course Topics

• Basic Map Reading
• Understanding and Using Declination
• Land Navigation by Dead Reckoning
• Terrain Association
• Locating Unknown Points
• Finding Yourself if Lost
• Understanding GPS Navigation
• Navigating with Altimeters
• The PAUL System of Self-Mapping
• Field Expedient Direction Finding
• Solar, Celestial, and Lunar Navigation
• Night Navigation
• Ranger School Land Nav Course
• Green Beret Star Course

Gain the skill of navigating effectively, essential in the backcountry. Every year, many individuals seek the great outdoors for recreational purposes. Sadly, thousands of them become lost, resulting in extensive Search and Rescue operations to locate and return them to safety or, in worse cases, to recover their bodies if not found in time.

It is important to recognize that while technology can be a helpful tool for navigation, it should not be solely relied upon. In fact, many sources warn against becoming too dependent on technology and instead emphasize the importance of having basic map reading and land navigation skills and tools. This is because technology can fail and may require a signal or power source, making it unreliable in certain situations. Therefore, it is essential to have alternative methods of navigation available.

This comprehensive Master Navigator course will take your abilities to a comparable standard as the Army Rangers and Green Berets and then exceed the level of training provided to them. It was expertly crafted by Joshua Enyart, a former Ranger and Green Beret who has also instructed Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy Special Operations Forces, making him the ultimate mentor to assist you in achieving this elite status. 

The Master Navigator Course is designed to reduce your dependence on technology, educate you on essential map reading and land navigation techniques that will avoid any possibility of getting lost, and empower you to locate yourself effortlessly in case of an emergency. Furthermore, having the confidence and proficiency to navigate in any conditions, day or night, expands your options beyond the traditional routes. Experience the vastness of the wilderness without being confined to marked trails.

This course consists of 4 days and 3 nights, during which you will face mental and physical challenges. Expect long days and walks covering several kilometers while carrying necessary gear. You will gain foundational skills in map and compass usage, followed by learning to rely on self-mapping methods instead of a map. Additionally, you will learn how to navigate without a compass by utilizing solar, lunar, and celestial techniques. The course includes iterations for both day and night navigation, providing a well-rounded training experience that will boost your confidence and skills in a way that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

Please see the Course Packing List for required and optional gear along with recommendations for the best gear for the course.

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Important Notes

This course is a field course that requires students to fully immerse themselves in a remote and primitive setting. There will be no access to electricity or running water, and restrooms will likely be limited to portable toilets on-site. Additionally, students will be responsible for constructing their own shelters and will not have access to their vehicles during the course. It is important to be prepared for harsh weather conditions and embrace the challenging field conditions, including cold, rain, wind, and snow. Safety will be a top priority maintained by the course cadre and staff.

Safety is our top priority, and it is essential for students to remain dedicated and engaged throughout the course. We will not give up on you if you do not give up on yourself. However, if a student decides not to continue training or does not participate, they will be immediately escorted back to their vehicles and must leave the training venue. Please note that there will be no refunds or credits for the course, and students may not leave and come back at a later time (with some exceptions determined by the cadre).

Upon arrival, ensure that you are physically prepared for the course and have all the required equipment. Throughout the course, you will be walking several kilometers while carrying supplies and any resources you collect, which usually weigh between 15-35lbs. Before the course, you may be required to complete a fitness evaluation to assess your readiness for GB2 field courses. If you have a preexisting medical condition, please provide a physical from your doctor to GB2 staff for approval to attend the course. If you have any concerns, please contact for assistance. Additionally, please disclose any previous hot or cold weather-related injuries (such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hypothermia, frostbite, etc.) as they may increase your risk of re-injury.

Participants are responsible for bringing their own food and snacks for the duration of the course. It is important to choose easy-to-prepare meals and on-the-go snacks. Due to time constraints, there will not be a lunch break. Participants are advised to eat breakfast before the start of training, as it will be a long day before time to prepare dinner is provided. Additionally, it is highly recommended to bring electrolyte replacements, either commercial or homemade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

After recently attending the Elite Master Navigator Course (8-11 Jun 2023), here are the facts:

This class is THE most comprehensive and thorough Navigation course you will ever take - PERIOD. If you struggle with navigation, or are an advanced navigator, you will learn a great deal from Josh, Chad and Dan as they are without a doubt top tier instructors. Each of them is approachable, open to questions, and give the right guidance and wisdom to help you understand the nuances. There is no ego, no compromise, and no shaming. They want you to meet the standard and succeed, but most importantly learn the skill.

In 20 years of military service, attending numerous navigation courses both military and civilian side, this can be said with 100 percent confidence; the Elite Master Navigator Course was the most comprehensive curriculum of navigation skills taught with expertise and relatability. This is not to say just because the instructors are masters of their craft, but because they continue to learn and expand their own skillset to make what they teach that much more usable for their students.

You will learn everything from basics to advanced including primitive navigation skills. The experience is enriching is many ways besides the skills. The atmosphere fostered within the outdoor classroom is driven by friendly competition, and support not just from the instructors, but by fellow students. Everyone’s goal here was to learn and succeed.

This class is 100 percent on the repeat list, as there is so much information to absorb. Plus, the team that wins the competitive side of this course wins a very unique and exclusive prize. So if you fall short of being top team, there are more opportunities to come back and earn your seat atop the hill.

Alexander Washut

I just recently completed the Master Navigator Course and it has been one of the more challenging, intensive and rewarding experiences outdoors, let alone while in a “classroom” environment.

This was my first class with Josh and the GB2 group and it went above and beyond in every way possible. The professionalism and elite level training were second to none, the cadre were equally skilled and supportive, and the other fellow students (many of whom are regulars) were welcoming and generous with their experience.

Aside from the numerous and varied navigation skills that we as a class were exposed to and made to demonstrate mastery of, what I found to be of particular reward was the group of people that were involved and the environment that was fostered.

With most things, action often speaks louder than words. I have since signed up for three more class this year with GB2… Wilderness Skills, Bushcraft and Vildsmarksliv Bushcraft… I suppose that’s all that needs to be said and will most likely take the Master Nav class again next year.

Jake Chilek

Trust us - you want to take this course.
I have had the good fortune of taking a few of GB2's courses. Each class has provided a massive takeaway and somehow simpler understanding of the world that finds it way back into my everyday life. This course is that and so much more. It is just as much physically as it is mentally demanding and you'll leave with a sense of confidence that can only be earned while mastering a broad range of navigation skills. I can't wait to attend the next one!

Chance Chaffin

I have had the opportunity to train under Josh for several years now. We have covered a broad range of topics from fire craft to boiling water in Earth bowls. There has not been a single class that was short of exceptional. That being said, Master Navigation stands apart. It is mentally and physically immersive and will give you an opportunity to genuinely test yourself. The depth and breadth of instruction that you will receive is second to none and you will find yourself looking at navigation in a whole new light. The physical and cognitive demands are rigorous and it is recommended that you prepare for those rigors in advance. Despite these demands, you will find this to be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences you will have under GB2. I have found myself counting down the days to the next offering and plan on attending this class as many times as possible!


Land navigation is one of the most underrated or misunderstood skills in the outdoors community. But how many people get lost every year? If you hunt, fish, hike or camp the ability to find your way in through the woods accurately is critical.

This course will take you from the beginner level basics of map reading and using a compass and bring you into advanced mastery and creating your own maps, and finally into primitive navigation without the use of maps or a modern compass.

Make no mistake this class can be intense if you're not physically prepared for at LEAST 10k a day. The GB² cadre is all about making you better than when you came, and if you stick with it, it is one of the more rewarding classes GB² teaches.